Saturday, April 3, 2010

WhaT I WorE ToDay....

Peace Family,

Yesterday I was on a bus and a Garden God was on it too. He smiled and gave me a Peace Earth. I recognize the compliment. Some Earths do 3/4th when they are amongst the righteous people, but when they are just doing their thing they does it how they wants to. Not me. I take this Culture to heart. I'm all Earth all the time.

This is what I look like today....

This is how I dress in the warm weather on the weekend. I got the fabric from of all places.... Walmart! Something light and flowy that doesn't cling to me. That's not really a requirement of the Culture that everything be loose and you see not a hil of Mountain. No. It is my personal preference for how I want to appear. All my weekend clothes tend to look like this. I look more traditional and professional when I go to work. I'm gonna get some work clothes posted. Be patient! Yeah who!


Friday, April 2, 2010

The Earth is Covered by Water (Approximately 3/4ths of its Surface)

No one that I know of reads this blog. That's cool. I will still post.

Should someone start reading this blog, I want to explain part of my Culture..... One of the privileges of this Culture for women is 3/4ths. The planet Earth is covered 3/4ths by water. We Earths (womwn of this Culture) reflect this phenomenon by covering 3/4ths of our bodies with clothing. That is why you will see some Earths with their heads covered and some who don't. Some Earths with halter dresses on. As long as you maintain the proportion you are right and exact. I see it as a privilege because I willingly accept it. Since adopting this aspect of the Culture, I see positive differences with the way people interact with me. Especially men. they are more respectful. Women on the other hand are different.

Last week at the rally/Parliament a God Built that he brought an 85% woman to a party that we had. The woman was looking at the observant Earths and said that she would NEVER dress like us. That it was demeaning to women. He said he wanted that woman to Build with one of the Earths present so that we could give our perspective. He didn't ask, but I would have been happy to.

I have been perusing modest blogs; mostly hijabi, and I noticed that they post what they wear on a regular basis. But I have not been able to find any righteous information on how the Earths do what we does. So.... I have decided to fill the void. Another reason is that there is so much mis-information out there regarding our Culture, I want... no need... to do my part to make Knowledge Born.

Either way, here is yesterday.....

Notice how I match the headwrap with my dress. John Witherspoon's CO-OOORDINATED!!!!