Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm starting to itch!!!!!

The spring sewing bug has hit me. Not completely busted me upside my head, but I'm definitely feeling it. Unfortunately, there is at least 6 more weeks of winter here in Allah's Garden (Atlanta) and I need to finish some projects 1st.

I am working on a vintage dress (a very little everyday) from 1982. Yes 1982 is officially vintage. That was nearly 30 years ago. I love the pattern because it reminds me of the dresses they wore in the TV series 'Dallas'. I really like the way the women on that show dressed (Not Ms Ellie). The show started in the late 70's and never took on the tackiness of the 80's. Who ever was the costume designer on that set was really very elegant. Even Lucy who was the baby of the cast always looked classy yet age appropriate. I estimate that dress will be completed by Wednesday evening. I really want to wear it on Thursday.

It is made of light cotton jersey and is brown in color. the reason I chose that fabric and that color is because it will do double duty. I can wear that dress all year with the right accessories. Also I have a brown all weather hat that I paid a grip for that would look HOT! with this dress.

The other winter project is a cream mourning dress. I have the fabric and a vintage patter from the 70's this time. This pattern will do double duty too. First the cream mourning dress will serve (with the brown hat) as my funeral ensemble for spring, autumn and winter. I'll worry about summer as it comes. I know it sound morbid, but I have lost 8 close relatives in the last 7 years and I never seem to have the right thing to wear when it happens. This cream dress is also a knit, though not jersey and it will be fierce once I finish with it.

The same above pattern will also work for me in the summer because nearly all 70's patterns for dresses have a maxi-dress option. Being a refined Earth, maxi dresses have their place. So that is one of the dresses planned for warm weather. And the God has acquired for me the plus sized pattern for the 'Walk Away Dress'. I am mad geeked about that. I am going to make a black/whit cotton dress to wear to the Sunday session of the Show and Prove this year. At least that is the plan.

I also have some hot pink fabric that I have plans for. No pattern with that material. It will be a simple long, sleeveless, belted dress with lite cleavage working. I sketched it out already. I don't want to become dependant on patterns for all my sewing. So I gotta nurture the free-style in me.

Pet peeve: this Earth asked me if she could come over for a few hours and I teach her how to sew. WTF? She has no machine and even if she comes over with fabric she will not come with the notions or all the little things that go with. Any time people come over with that bull, they leave with my bobbins loaded with my thread and needles. I have been sewing for 25 years! It took me a little longer than a few hours to learn. That statement shows and proves her ignorance and possible her dismissal for something I'm passionate about. And I'm a little salty with her. I told her to buy a machine since they are on sale at Hancocks right now and then I would come to her crib and give her a lesson. I don't want her in my house. She has pesty kids!