Friday, May 20, 2016



I've been wanting one of these skirts for a minute. They are all over Pinterest. Why would I buy something I can make?

I made one a few months ago. But when I tried it on, I knew it wasn't my silhouette. The flowiness made me look extra big. I know some women don't care and wear just what they want, but I like to look good in my clothes. That's me.... Confidence is good, but confidence alone won't make you look amazing if the clothes don't flatter you.

A classmate needed a skirt made quickly. Her daughter is graduating today and there is an Agrican theme. Since I'm not working, (I lost my job of 13 years on April 6th. I haven't mentioned it because I was still a bit bitter...) I told her I could help her out. She gave me the fabric on Monday and I gave her this skirt Thursday. I actually had it ready on Wednesday. 

You like? I didn't use a pattern. I freeballed it. And my client seems very satisfied. 

The client actually wanted it shorter. Like a high-low with it really high in the front. So high, I had to shorten the pockets. I like it better longer.

The class I'm taking is in Ifa. I'm not going into an explanation of what it is or why I'm taking it. But I went to a bembe on Sunday, and I saw people in clothes I KNOW they didn't buy at Macy's. My client is deep in the culture and I'm hoping to get the word out that I, a member of their own community, can custom make their ritual clothing. Now that I'm out of work, I could use the money....



Monday, May 2, 2016



Now that Hancock Fabrics is closing, where am I supposed to purchase patterns and notions? I never liked Joanne's, plus there isn't one close to me. The closest one is 30 miles away.

Who has pattern sales? I'm not paying full price for them.... Where do you get notions?

I'd appreciate any comments...