Friday, March 26, 2010

Dress 2

This dress is a long time coming. The God and I bought this fabric on one of his 2009 visits to the Garden. He liked this fabric a lot. I liked it too, but I was impressed that he liked a fabric. The God is not a frequent fabric store shopper. After he picked out this fabric and I announced that I would make a dress to wear to Show and Prove with it. Yeah right?

I always keep my word. And I did in fact make a dress to wear. But for some damn reason I made it too small. I mean really too small to wear. I have no idea what I was thinking. And I got so busy with other foolishness that I never went back to fix it. Now that spring has sprung, I have decided to get on the good foot and fix this dress.

I found a picture of the Vogue pattern 2902 and thought that would be the perfect inspiration for the remix. I mostly sew by eye. I'm not ashamed of it either. My body has 'interferences' that make me hard to fit. So sewing with patterns won't guarantee that the garment will fit as promised. I have been down that road more times than I care to admit.

So... I separated the bodice from the bottom. I originally made the skirt flared and modestly long (3/4ths). And remember, it was way too tight for me to wear. So I cut about 6 inches off the top of the skirt. Now instead of the skirt dusting the floor, it now hits me mid calf. That's still okay. I like floor dusting skirts but will accept mid calf but no shorter. Now the skirt fits.

I took out all the seems of the bodice until it was in it's original cut pieces. Me and the seem ripper have been handling our business. Although I cannot find my regular seem ripper. That's my justice for ripping seems all over the house. I've had that seem ripper since I got the machine so you know I'm sending out a search party to find it but let me get back to business...

I did use a part of a pattern. I use this pattern for plain bodices and sleeves. I have never made the bottom part. Never even cut it out. It has shown and proven itself to be tried and true. This dress was always planned to be sleeveless. So what I originally had planned for the front of this dress became the back. I pulled a zipper out of a dress that was originally going to Goodwill. It's now on the quilt pile. The zipper went in the back of the remixed dress. I cut the front of the bodice out of a remnant. I really have to learn how to resize patterns to fit my interferences. It is not just a matter of making more room; but making my breasts look like I made the bodice intentionally for them.... which I did. I ended up making 4 freehanded darts (2 side, 2bottom). I have to start considering princess seems. But princess seems scare me.

I actually almost finished it last night, but I didn't sew the bodice and skirt together. That is unlike me. I was maybe 5 minutes from the finish line and I laid the garment down on the bed and decided to watch TV instead. VERY unlike me. But now I understand. As I have been traversing through the internet today, I became inspired to change said dress. Let me explain how...

Even though I have opened up the waist, it will still be difficult for me to put the dress on. I will have to put the dress on over my head and breasts. My breast will get caught in the waist. Having large breasts isn't all it's cracked up to be. I knew it was going to happen but I felt powerless to fix it. It is one of those things you deal with. I'm quite sure people with true handicaps don't complain, they just handle their business. But as I was perusing I noticed that she put in her zippers on the sides of garments. >>Light bulb!<< If I put the zipper on the side it will open up the waist and my boobs won't get caught when I put the dress on! Yea!!!! But I already put the zipper in the back (and it is one of the best zipper jobs I've done in a minute too) But that is alright. I will take that mammerjammer out and put it on my left side.

How can you not like this dress? I already have a head wrap, beige sandals and a beige bag to wear with it. All I need now is some gloves and this is the perfect date dress. Though I don't know why I need a date dress when I don't go on dates anymore.
Show and Prove 2010?. Here I come!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Interferences is a term used in dentistry to describe the situation when teeth are mal-aligned and begin interfering with the function of opposing or adjacent teeth. I use this term when referring to my breasts and hips.

I have large breasts. 40J to be exact. I cannot purchase bras just anywhere. I have to go specialty stores and pay a grip for 1. If you ever want to give me a gift that is not cash... Buy me a bra. Google 'Goddess bras.' Having breast this size keeps me from doing a lot of things. That's why I call them interferences.

I cannot golf. My boobs interfere with the way I swing. When I was a child jumping rope, I had to hold them down by putting my palms on the opposite shoulder. Yeah that screwed with my coordination. When I used to jog, I would have to wear a supper tight t-shirt between my bra and regular shirt. They don?t make sports bras to fit me. My personal space is different that other folks. If you stand too close to me, I will move or hit you. You choose. And my bras are not pretty. They don't have to be. Pretty bras are for them small breasted women who don't need to wear a bra. I have to buy what I can find.

Folks ask me all the time when will I have a breast reduction. Why? My boobs do not hurt my back at all. They grew with me, so my infrastructure can handle the weight. When I say that I have no intentions of having them reduced, folks feel like they can make all the jokes and rude references they want. Not so much. I will hurt your feeling if you try to hurt mine. That's Equality.

Another 'interference' are my hips. My hips have and always have been really pronounced. My waist has always been a lot smaller than my hips so clothing that fit my hips never fit my waist and vice versa. So I look like this plus sized coke bottle of big boobs and big hips. SMH.
With all that my boobs and hips bring to the table, my behind gets lost. It's not that I don't have a nice sista-ass; but it is clearly not the star. As an Original woman I feel like it's my birthright to have junk in the trunk. And I do; you just have to look for it. The great thing about my shape is it appears that I have little to no stomach. I am very okay with that even though that is a lie. I have much belly, but it's hidden. LOL!

These interferences brought me to sewing. I saw my mother getting frustrated with trying to fit me properly and just throwing her hands up. I was getting some pretty bad looking outfits. And all my mother would say was it's so hard to fit you and I'm not paying to have all of your clothes altered. So for my 8th grade graduation asked for a sewing machine. I've altered all my own clothing from there on.

But even sewing for myself wasn?t always the answer. Patterns lie. Meaning you can make a garment and follow the directions on the pack and still end up with a garment that doesn't fit well. For years I shunned patterns. Once I found there was this extensive sewing internet community, I learned why the phenomenon existed and that there was a way around this. I have come to take the best part from the pattern thing. I use those parts that work for me and discard the poor parts. Now my wardrobe is blossoming with garments that fit me! I just need to work on the construction more. Anywhoo...


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dress 1

This is my 1st dress of the 9 dresses planned for Summer 2010. I bootlegged it from a picture. I am very satisfied with how it turned out. The only thing that concerns me is that it doesn’t want to stay on the hanger.


My interpretation

The fabric cost $2 and the trim $3. I managed to get a gray and red trimmed headwrap out if the fabric as well.

I haven’t tried it on yet but I’m not concerned. It’s not for work. It’s for leisure. So if the fit isn’t 100% I will still be satisfied. I'm really not thinking that any part of this dress will make me unhappy. If something changes, I’ll be sure t let y’all know.




That is one of those words that I always found confusing. Nude shoes, nude stockings, nude whatever. Nude clothing and accessories has everything to do with them and not us.

My mother used to and still does wear nude pantyhose. I have always wondered who she thinks she's fooling? She ain't that light. And having abnormal white legs seems crazy to me.

The word 'nude' alone implies that this is the color that folks are supposed to be. There are enough different colored people out there to realize that 'nude' is relevant to the individual. Another word should be used.

I hate that word/concept.


Friday, March 12, 2010

How Much is Enough?

For the better part of the day I have been figuring out my summer wardrobe. It is that time in the year when the weather hints that summer is approaching. Here in Allah's Garden we get very lite transitional weather. Once the weather has the determined idea to get cold or warm it does... with the quickness. So these hints are my warning to start making decisions about what it is that I am going to make for the summer. This economy has not been good to me. I still am employed and have been employed through the entire downswing, but I don't have a lot of money to play with. I stopped buying purses 2 years ago and have really halted my procurement of new ready-made clothes. What I am going to focus my funds on are shoes. Last year I bought cheap shoes and my feet are still bitching about it. I was going through my fabric stash and have come across some real surprises. Stuff I had forgotten that I had. Some stuff will find new life as different articles. But the question that begs to be answered is...How much is enough?

I have a fellow Earth who lives her life 'off the grid.' Apparently she doesn't want anyone to know where she is or what she's doing. I have yet to hear a valid excuse for that, but I?m certain she has one. She is not the type of Earth to do something that isn't well thought out. But she has precious few articles of clothing. She says that if she needs to move she doesn't want to get all hemmed up in packing up and storing a bunch of stuff. Okay I can see that... sort of. But I freely admit that I have too many clothes. Over the past few years as I have begun to embrace my chosen Culture, I have had to purge a number of articles from my wardrobe. Basically, if it isn't 3/4ths then I don't need it. I got rid of the pants. I have chosen to not wear them anymore. And since I no longer attend church I don't need a procession of church clothes. So the amount of useful clothing in my wardrobe is shrinking. And that's a good thing. All I need is work clothes and casual clothes. I keep a few fancy things, but not a whole lot.

As I have begun to plan the clothes that I will make for the warm weather, I have come up with 9 different garments. Clothes that I can wear to work. I have enough casual clothes. And since I work 4 days vs. being off 3 days (I am intending to get my numbers up, but if I do that I need even less casual clothes) I don't really need a whole lot of casual clothes. So I'm not planning to make any. These 9 garments are it and no more. Be mindful that I already have summer clothes that I can wear so these are 9 new ones. I want to be able to see walls in the closet. My question is this enough?

The only vacation I have planned for this year is Show and Prove. I am planning to go to the beach a few times but the big one is S&P. (Oh yeah! I have to make a righteous bathing suit. Forgot about that one) So will this be enough clothing to take me from April to October? I sincerely hope so. What a damn problem to have.

I'm worrying if I have enough clothing to suit me. I am really spoiled in this wilderness. SMH. I wonder if them people in Haiti have such problems. So much in fact they have to sit in their plush office chairs while they whine by blog about having enough. Somebody slap me... PLEASE!!!!! I'm a be better about blogging my creations.