Monday, January 30, 2012

Safe Hair


I’m not sure if I mentioned this to y’all, but I went to court last month and was attacked because of my headwrap. I wear it ALL the time when I leave the house. When I go into certain venues, I wear like a Muslim in order to keep people from making assumptions that don’t work for me. i.e. Most folks in Atlanta never heard of 5%ers or the Nation of Gods and Earths. I’m not trying to educate folks when I have business to conduct and I don’t need key people thinking I’m a cult supporting crackpot. Folks can think I’m a Muslim all they want.

I assumed that because I was portraying myself as a religious person (my nation is not religious so I was lying without speaking, and I’m OK with that), folks would not religiously persecute me by forcing me to remove my head covering. I was wrong. The Atlanta court system violated my right to religious expression and forcibly removed my head wrap.

This morning I had to go back. I could do 1 of 3 things…. I could go in there and demand that they acquiesce to my needs. I could compromise my values and allow Yakub’s world manifest to rule the day. Or I could make a compromise that satisfies both parties…..

A Hairnet! It allows me to maintain my 3/4ths and keeps me out of jail.

These people here do not play. Especially if you’re Original. I was herded like cattle and reprimanded because I was required to appear to defend myself against an accident that wasn’t my fault. My question is why? A head wrap ain’t that serious. They don’t go wig snatching in court rooms. If I could hide something in my head wrap, I could hide it under a wig or a big weave. So the thinking is flawed. If you check the above links, one says that they were to be sued for their discriminatory policies. And it is discriminatory.

So to my righteous sisters, if you want to maintain your modesty in court and for some reason can’t rock a wig because you locs are too long, wear a headwrap that matches the color of your hair.