Monday, August 23, 2010

UFOs aka Comcast Sucks!


This weekend I worked on some unfinished projects that are laying around in my sewing room. I didn't get to everything, because Comcast sucks.

There was a lightening storm on Friday night and it fried our cable box. We were at the Comcast office when the opened at 9 am. They told us they didn't have the box we needed replaced and that they weren't going to get them. So we would have to take whatever they had. I had to ask them if other locations had them. They begrudgingly said another location had them. I asked them to call and reserve it for us. They claimed to do so. I took their names and the address of the location. After a 30 minute drive to the new location, they tell me they don't have the same box, but that a shipment of boxes was coming in and they were certain one was on it. They also told me the shipment would be there within an hour and that they would call me. They never called. We went back and the woman that was handling our case was at lunch. Sigh. We wait for her and she says they didn't get the box. When I asked her if a person from the previous location called and reserved a box for me, she had no idea what I was talking about. ***sigh*** So Comcast chick gave us a dinosaur of a box and said whenever they got new boxes she would call us. Whatever. I ain't holding my breath on that. We take the box home, hook it up and it doesn't work. We call CS and trouble shoot, still nothing. We take that box back too. The give us another box that works a little but not completely. We call back. Now they are sending someone out to check it. The claim that it will be a free service visit, but I am skeptical.

All that being said, I didn't get anything accomplished on Saturday that I wanted, which just left Sunday to clean, sew and cook. Cooking suffered, which means I will suffer for the rest of the week trying to make up for it.

I cleaned downstairs and insisted that the God put his stuff away so that I/we can reclaim the den. I have been avoiding allowing people to come to the house because his shit was every where. Now it's put away. The garage is still a work in progress. It looks nice and neat. God sweeps it out regularly and has drawn a big Universal on one of the walls.

Any who, I started on the God's robe. He wants a bathrobe with an Universal on it. The Universals colors are black, cream and gold... All colors I would have used as the robe material. And the God is very heat sensitive. It was Love, Hell or Right finding a color and a fabric that the Universal would show up on. I found heavy Royal blue sheeting. I cut the robe out of that. It is my determined idea to trim the robe out in an orange plaid (orange and blue is one of his favorite color combinations) and make the belt out of the same material. I will sew the front back and the sleeves up tonight. It will look like a robe but still unfinished. ***sigh*** It's a work in progress.

The reason, I started on the robe is because it is related to my Universal jacket. When I make the Universal for the robe, I will make another one for the denim jack that I bought for me at the Goodwill. It will be hot once it's all finished. And I will be the only Earth rocking a Universal jacket. Peace!

I also completed my dress form. The God was supposed to make one for me, and he started out strong. But he has been so distracted with the move, finding a home for all his stuff, fixing things in the house and looking for a job, that my dress form has been put on the back burner. Humph! Well, I finished it. Not in the way he would have (it's kind of nigg-a-rigged), but in a way so that I can finally use it. Should he decide to make it all jazzy and such, then he is welcome to. But I need it for my upcoming sewing projects. The fact that it took 3 pillows to stuff it is not lost on me. Yeesh!

Okay. That's it for now. I hope to have more and more and more and more updates for you.



September Vogue 2010


I finally got hold of the September 2010 issue of Vogue. And let me tell you this... I'm a little underwhelmed. The clothes that I saw where better in the other mags. Vogue had a lot of advertisements, but nothing truly awe inspiring in their fashion layouts. I did see a suit that I want to make, retro inspired. But I have seen this suit in various places. I didn't need Vogue for it.

There was an article about Halle Berry that explained a lot, at least to me, about why she can't keep a man. I mean if beautiful Halle Berry can't keep a man, then other ordinary-looking women should have no expectations. But she has deeper issues. Good luck Ms. Berry with the rest of your life!

I went shopping at a sewing store and came up on some new feet! One is for binding off edges and the other is for gathering/shirring. I'm a little more excited than I should be.

So I guess my 5 creations will be...
1. Blue denim wrap dress
2. Blue denim blouse with pussy bow (teehee)
3. Asymmetric skirt
4. retro inspired suit in plum suiting
5. 70's inspired camel coat
6. Leopard bustier
7. A black/printed cotton swing blouse that looks slightly maternity, but isn't, sort of

I guess that's it. 7 is a good number.

Screw you Vogue!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ideas Updated


It is Wednesday, September 18, 2010.... I have been stalking the stores, and I have yet to spy a September 2010 issue of Vogue magazine. PHOOEY!!!!! Where is it? I've seen Elle, Bazaar, Cosmo, Glamour, Marie Clare and Instyle. No Vogue. I think I'm going to have to go to a book store to get it. There is a magazine depot across the street from the bus stop. The charge more than the magazine retails. I just might have to get one there. I'm sick because I have spent nearly $12 on stop gap mags to quell my thirst for the vogue. Bastards!


So far, I have decided on 3 garments already. A leopard bustier, a fancy denim blouse with puffed sleaves, a high collar and a pussy bow. (Teehee @ pussy bow!) and a sleeveless wrap denim dress. I have decided sleeveless because then I can wear it with a turtleneck or without, and it will be seasonless. And what makes it completely spicy is I already have the fabric for the blouse (an old wrap skirt) and the bustier. That's three. Although not complete outfits.

I have decided that I want to make a nice suit that suits me and my culture. When I go out to various places. I don't want folks pegging me for a hippy. I have seen some nice patterns for 40's styles suits. I aint buying the patterns though. I'm a sew them just like my paternal grandmother did... by eye. And maybe a beret. Maybe a few.

I want to make a coat too. Since it doesn't get truly cold here until January, I need something stylish to carry me through the fall and then again through the spring. I'm getting too old for the hoodies. I have a black trench, but I don't love how that looks on me. Since I have these big boobs (40J), coats that fit across the chest tend to swallow me. I have decided to accept the boobage and look for a maternity coat. Yes I said it. Maternity. No embarassment. They are cut fuller and more flattering in the front. I'm going with it.

Another coat issue is that coats should be lined. I would choose silk, but silk is hot. I only do the natural fabrics so then I would be forced to endure cotton which isn't often pretty. ***Sigh*** Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

I need to re-clarify my determined idea to whether I mean 5 articles or 5 outfits. The way the denim blouse was styled was with a camel long skirt. I already have one of those. The bustier would go under a jacket or sweater. I just don't see me all out in public with such a sexy top on when I have a God. B.U.T. it's not like I plan to stop sewing after all the articles are finished. So I shall and wait to see what develops In the mean time I'm going to get my dress form in shape and finish the God's robe.



Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Slump

It is almost September y'all!

This is the time of the year where I get all geeked about my fall wardrobe. Now I am not a rich woman. But I can afford to acquire pieces here and there to update my wardrobe. I love clothes. I do, I do, I do! I'm very girly about this. And I have a determined idea about what I add on the hangers.....

I did my recon work last weekend. I went to an upscale mall and looked around and made a few determinations about the trends and what I had already vs. what I needed, and how I was going to rock them.

So far I have noticed that there is a lot of leopard coming out. I already have a bag, shoes, 1 all weather skirt and a fall/winter/spring top. Sweet! I am good on the leopard thing. If I acquire something, it will be a belt.

There is a lot of wine in the stores and patent leather. Hmmm.....? I have a wine bag. But could do some wine shoes, and a wine asymmetric skirt in a suiting fabric. Hot pink is out there too. I love hot pink and already have a ton of it. Hot pink looks good on my skin tone. Hot pink is a definitely will/must do.

I need a pair of black boots. A wedge pair is what I want. I'm hoping to be pregnant before boot season arrives and I need something that will offer me some stability. Additionally all my heeled black boots had to go to the Goodwill. They were all jacked. I'm not sure they can even be saved.

I saw that long flowy brown skirts are the stores. I have an all weather one that I will be rocking. I bought a denim jacket from the Goodwill that I will be putting a universal on the back of. I am very excited about that project, though you wouldn't be able to tell from my Wisdom. I have a bunch of unfinished projects (UFO's) lingering that I'm not even sure I will ever get to. But that is the life of a home sewist. Ain't like I'll be naked if I don't finish them.

I am still waiting with baited breath for the September 2010 issue of Vogue to hit the stands. I have been stalking it. I save all the September and March issues. I used to have issues that went back through the 90's, but my 1st husband didn't realize that it was a collection and threw them out in a cleaning frenzy. I ripped him such a knew asshole that he had to carry a colostomy bag for a few years. He tried to order those magazines but couldn't get them. I hope the current God realizes that it will not be good for better homes and gardens if he should toss my lovelies. He has noticed the collection, though....

I cheated a bit and bought Glamour. I hate when I lose it and start pre-buying. I have little self-control when it comes to this. I like to be dazzled by Vogue first. I have rationalized my purchase by saying I'll tear pictures out of Glamour that I won't out of Vogue!!!!! I'm a make a look wall in my sewing room.

I'm blessed to have a room dedicated to sewing. When the baby comes it will be the baby's room. I'll have to find another room to sew. I had planned on the downstairs office, but the God has already commandeered that room to be an office with no room for sewing. We will have to talk about that. But I will wait until the need is there.

What my determined idea is.... I will choose 5 outfits from the Vogue magazine and create it for myself in my sewing room. 5 outfits. Since I don't usually do a bunch of dresses, I should be able to mix and match them with what I already have. Follow my reasoning for why I will make them myself rather than purchase them.... 1st... It's too damn expensive. I have gotten to the point where I can see light at the end of the tunnel with my bills. I ain't tossing all that for flyness. 2nd... I want to elevate my sewing skills. I'm not a bad sewist now, but I want to be a boom-banging sewist. With patterns and without. And 3rd.... The clothes I wear need to reflect my Culture. Store bought clothes reflect Yacub's World Manifest not Allah's. And just because I'm righteous doesn't mean I need to look like a Mormon or an African.

5 is the minimum.

You know what kills me? (And this has little to do with the main topic.) I have noticed that the sewists in Australia post all winter long their summer clothes. It is their summer during our winter. But don't post what they have made for themselves and are wearing in their winter. Oh well.... I have plans for me and the God.

So far, for the God, I have planned a pant suit. Teehee. Not like the kind that women wear but separates made of the same fabric. I'm thinking of a tweed blend. And I'm thinking of something in gray. We shall see if he wears it out. If he does then I will make him some more things. If not I'll stick to the indoor sewing I do for him now. Speaking of which, I still have to make him a bath robe with the Universal. This is a UFO, that I will strive to finish before I begin my fall sewing in September. I have time. This is GA and it will be hot, not cool, hot here until mid October.

Alright. That's it for now. I'll keep updating on my progress. If there is any progress.....