Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm here.... Sort Of

Good Morning Y’all, I have been sewing. I have. I have loads of projects sitting on the sewing table. The God has been cleaning his side of the room. Eventually I think we will have space for other people other than ourselves in there. Who knows? Anywho. Where as I have plenty of mojo, it’s becoming depleted. I’m making garments I’m not super happy with. The last time I was satisfied with a garment it was my orange linen jacket. I like it now, but the construction was a beast. I made V1250 out of denim. It was a stretch denim, but still denim. I added 2 extra inches to it because it (a) wasn’t a knit and (b) because I knew I would be putting a zipper in it. And it came out enough for me to wear it publicly, but I wasn’t comfortable in it. Partially because it was shorter than my muslin, it came to the knee. (If I cut the muslin long, I don’t remember) And it rode up when I sat down. I wore it with boots to keep the overall proportion 3/4ths. The folks I was with said I looked hot in it. But I think it is because it is not my normal look. I wore a leather hat instead of my usual headwrap that let a lot of my hair out and I had up-to-the-knee boots. I’m thinking that attributed to the “hotness” more so than the dress. I Frankensteined another dress this weekend. I had some African inspired cotton print that I wanted to make a simple spring dress. African print is overpowering and making a dress with pleats or anything uber-fancy will look crazy because of the print. Another thing is I was going to a party this weekend (you know you’re getting old when your friends start turning 50!) and I made the dress the morning of the party. Come to think of it, I finished V1250 before I was about to go out. Maybe I’m putting undo pressure on myself. I used NL6648 for the top and the bottom of V8663. I chose both those patterns because I had success with them in the past. And yes I made a perfectly nice dress, but not anything I crave to wear. Had I loved the dress, I would have worn it to work this morning. I didn’t. The dress came out completely ok. Just not the BOOM I was looking for. I will wear it again. Here is the thing with both dresses…. My gut! Let me tell you something about Serenity…. Serenity is a thick sista, with big boobies and wide hips. What she never has is a pooch or a thick gut. NEVER!!!! And if she is… let me stop 3rd person talking… And if I have a PMS moment (which I didn’t have for the last 2 occasions) I can squish it together with shape wear. And I have a LOT of shape wear. Probably more than the average woman. My mother has a shape wear fetish that I inherited. On both occasions I suffered through a tight waist cincher and both times no cinching happened. WTF? This is truly disturbing because I don’t know what is happening to me. I just came off a 21 day juice fast. I should be fine as the Board of Health. But my stomach is fighting me. I’m just at a loss…. So this is my plan…. I have 2 events coming up; a born day party and my niece’s baby shower. I BOUGHT a dress to wear to both these events. I will watch my diet for the next 2 weeks and workout a bit more. I’m going to work my mojo by finishing little Dillon’s baby quilt, and finish my curtains. I also have 1 more crochet job to get out. That should preserve my mojo until I figure this tummy thing out. I will be crushed to find out it’s because of age. Peace

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random Build on a Wednesday

Peace Y’all,

I thought I’d type out something just to remind self to get my behind in front of the sewing machine. I’m hoping to get really random….

~ Since the sewing/computer room is so dark, I bought a floor lamp to lighten up things. It’s assembled but not used yet. I got it from Ikea on sale. But it has a funny light bulb. I sure hope that bulb lasts forever. Because I’ll probably have to buy another lamp if it goes out. Come on Ikea lamp!

~ I have decided for every 3 garments I create for myself, I’ll create one for the God.

~ The God said that he does not have a problem with the 2 of us matching… **insert sinister laugh here**

~ Do you know how hard it is to find interesting clothes for men? I peeped a bunch of runway shows and there is really nothing interesting out there. I have a shirt/jacket pattern and a pants pattern. Apparently that’s all I need. Men’s clothes are BORING!

~ I have all the fabric I need for all the projects I have planned for myself….. That’s never happened before.

~I’m sick of people asking me personal questions and for money!!!!

~ I have been procrastinating like a mug. I need to finish my black linen mourning suit and start on my Easter dress. No UFO’s in the new place.

~ Why am I making an Easter dress when I’m not a Christian and don’t celebrate Easter? I guess old habits die hard.

~ This random blogging is harder than it looked.

~ My job is really boring. And I have have to work this Friday. I shouldn't complain, since I only work 1 Friday a month....

~ Life seems like it’s taking a good turn, despite what people say. Right now I’m satisfied with what’s going on around me.

~ I need to make a trip out to some country thrift stores. They always have old patterns and crazy notions on the low/

~ I just joined Sew Weekly. I’m a joiner.

~ I hate taking out the trash……