Tuesday, February 10, 2015



Funny story..... my God is such a boy. Snips and snails and puppy dog tails... No female influence whatsoever. The only female in the house was mother and I swear she hid from all her men. We were in the store and I decided to buy some pantyhose. I don't wear pantyhose often. And I usually buy them in bulk at the Hanes outlet. One of their big bags will last a year or more. I don't wear pantyhose like that. Plus those hose last for multiple wearings and stands up to washing. I ran out a few months ago and have been meaning to take that long assed drive... But I don't want to.

Walgreens didn't have “coffee” which is my color. But they had other colors... one of which was “suntan.” My mother wears suntan. She's not suntan. But it looked darker in the package. Can someone tell me when pantyhose got so expensive??? I was standing there considering the colors for over 5 minutes. I guess that was his limit. He told me to get the suntan because it was a fine match (plus they were on sale) and we left. OK. When I pulled them out of the bag this morning, I giggled. They were too light, but they were all I had. It's gonna be 60* even with rain. I'm not wearing boots with this dress and it's too February for bare legs. So.... I have “old lady legs!”

Additionally funny is the 7 never saw a woman.... in his entire 46 years....put on control top pantyhose. I usually dress in my closet, but the closet chair is full of clothes that need folding so I had to sit on the bed. The look of confusion combined with curiosity was priceless. He was like, “Why are you jumping around like that?” "Are they the right size?" "They look like they hurt!" "Wow... Where did your hips go?" "Can you pee in those things?" This man needed sisters!

I made this dress over the King holiday in service to me. I needed a new all-weather mourning dress. My last one was neither all weather or long enough. Oooh! I sound old! Maybe I am. Folks don't plan for funerals. And when one comes up you have to scramble to be appropriate. You don't want to look too sexy because that's disrespectful; but you always want to look nice and stylish without looking old. Folks don't get it's possible to have all the options. This is the dress I will use for non-family funerals that don't occur during the summer. (I will wear better pantyhose) If a family member croaks in the summer I'm wearing this dress... Bare legged... With open toed shoes... I'm the Black sheep so they expect it. It's also good for events wear I have to wear a black dress. I just had a founder's day event with my sorority and no appropriate all Black dress to wear. This dress works for so many occasions.

I had a plethora of doubts about the length. I googled the hell out of this pattern and no one seemed to be concerned about the length. Only Erica B talked about length but she's tall! It looks short on the envelope. I prefer for a dress to be midi. I don't care for my knees plus I have clothing restrictions. I'm 5'3. That's neither tall or short. I didn't want to muslin up the entire dress because I'm starting to run out of muslin fabric. (I sound so lazy) I bought the muslin fabric 4 years ago. A local fabric store was going out of business and was selling entire bolts of fabric for $2.99, so I bought a ton. Now I'm down to less than ½ a roll. I tissue fit and estimated the length all seemed to be fine. The dress stopped above my knew but there is a peblum at the bottom (Is that what you call them at the bottom?) which would make it longer. I swear you can't judge a pattern until you make it. More praise for TNTs.

I. Love. This. Dress!!!!!!

It's skims but isn't tight. It's the perfect length to maintain 3/4th without looking out of place. The short sleeved version the sleeves aren't too short. The collar is neither too high or low. My favorite part is the dress came with cup options. So I didn't have to do a FBA. I cut the D and sewed it straight out of the package. I just love everything about this dress.

There was a snafu.... I didn't get enough fabric for the dress. In hindsight, I was looking at version A, but planning for sleeves. So I ran out. I had some other black knit remnants but they didn't match. The remnant are ribbed. I ended up going out to buy more fabric but I ended up at a different store. The original store is an hour away. I only go over there when I plan to buy in bulk when they are having a sale. I was fortunate to find fabric that matched the dress. And it was on sale too. So even though I made a boo boo it worked out.

M6988, there is no exact version that I did. A with short sleeves, D with a peblum. Take your pick

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the envelope?:

Were the instructions easy to follow?:

How long did it take from start to finish?:
I cut and sewed it in a sitting (except the sleeves). Came together really fast. I only watched 1 Blaxploitation movie

What did you like/dislike about the pattern?
Cup size Options!

Fabric used?:
Black stretch knit

Pattern alterations or design changes made?:
Added short sleeves

Would you sew it again?:

Would you recommend it to others?:
No. I don't want folks looking like me

TNT pattern. I'm going to make one in most colors.