Monday, July 22, 2013



The God and I went out with 2 of my friends. He doesn't have friends here without me, yet. We don't really have a lot of couple friends. We both have these social yet anti-social tendencies. Plus for some reason, in our Culture functional relationships are not the norm. Who knows.... But we had a double date with married friends of mine. These friends are really important to me. We became friends when I 1st moved to GA. They had been friends with me and my late husband. Then they were church friends. I had a lot of those. But when I left that particular church and started to attend another... I lost all the friends I had there. You know those friends who claimed to be ride or die friends... This couple remained close. When I left the church all together, they still remained my friends. I adore these people. But... I guess I found their limits. Since the God and I have been together they have become distant... Oh well. They invited us to attend something and we went.

The biggest thing that keeps me from going out, is I don't have a lot of going out clothes. the clothes I acquire are work clothes. Now my job is very casual, and there is very little I cannot wear so my limitations usually have to do with 3/4ths. I don't club. So when I "go out" it's usually to some function. See? this is getting more and more convoluted. Every summer I get a going out dress. Since when I do go somewhere it will always be with different people. I can wear the dress over and over again. My idea of a perfect "going out" dress is one that will shift from day to evening. Since I will get the most use out of something I can also wear to work. M6553 fit the bill.

I have had the pattern for some time now. I bought it when it 1st came out. It's a loose fitting dress and on big girls loose fitting is synonymous to sloppy. I don't do sloppy. I bought the fabric 2 years ago to make a shirt dress. Where shirt dresses have their place... that place is not on my back. My clothes need to be just a tad edgy. But I have seen so many versions of M6553 that I had to give it a shot. I'm glad I did.

Pattern Description: Misses Dress and belt

Pattern Sizing: 14-22 (I cut 22)

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Yes and no. Essentially they were but the instructions about where to place the belt vent was not there. I read them and re-read them. Folk have pics with them put in so I had to guess. I wish I had put it in higher. I still can but I wish to have done it the way I wanted up front.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I was surprised that something so loose fitting would work for me
I didn't like the lack of vent instructions

Fabric Used: Blue rayon. I don't like fabric that frays like this. Enough said

Yardage: 3 yards

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I lengthened it an inch. I need for my knees to be covered. It kind of worked and kind of didn't. Everything lined up except the front piece. I am certain that I lengthened it an inch like I did the other pieces but it was exactly an inch short. That's why my knees are out. I don't know if it was supposed to be like that. ALSO.... I lost a pattern piece for the back yoke. I re-drew based on the directions and the pattern pieces that were there. I don't know what to say about that.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes and Yes. I applied and interviewed for a ptj. And if I get it, i will be required to wear black. I found 3 yards of black fabric in my stash, I will use that to make another one but this time in a smaller size.

But my question is how many of this dress can one have in one's wardrobe?

I really like it.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

What's Going On...

Peace Y'all!

Tonight starts the newest installation of Project Runway!!! Woo Hoo!

I have been all over the Lifetime website learning what I can about the new designers. I already have my favorites. Just to make the cut is amazing. I know I couldn't do it.

My only PR rant is its a bit predictable. The basic challenge is how fast can one make a couture dress. It used to be way more fun, but I suppose that's hard to keep up. But I still find it a solid show. It's helpful to see how much drama goes in making garments from people who do this for a living. If they never did those challenges with car parts or candy or whatever, I'd still watch.

I will be sitting there with my popcorn and grape soda. I will route for the self taught home sewers and/or the Black people. Hey! It is what it is.

Who is going to be watching?

I have some sewing plans of my own. KiKi is not 100% She is more like 62%. I need a new bobbin case. This I know. And she is has this funny smell. It smells like alcoholic oil. It might be from what the maintenance people did. IDK.... I have a 60 day warrantee on it so I'm a ride this out to see what gives.

My family reunion is the weekend of 8/2. I need a dress for the banquet. I have yellow fabric and red fabric. If I use the yellow it will be S2588 the floral version on the cover. If I use the red it will be M5972 the b version. I have to bar tend at the reunion so I need to be comfortable... Long story. I also have M6533 qued to make.

At some point, summer sewing must cease. It is mid July and eventually I will want to start fall sewing. But it won't get cool here until November. I really shouldn't be concerned, but you know how it is....


Monday, July 8, 2013

KiKi Lives!!!!! & NL 6463


Clearly I was premature with the death report. So many of y'all were so kind during my bereavement. I took her to 2 different repair people and called a bunch more. No one wanted to touch her. Said she was too old. I have been making plans to get another machine. I was even ready to move on one of these new-fangled sewing/embroidery machines. I had a conversation with an older woman who I knew sewed and lived in the city. I was Building with her because I knew she had multiple machines and I was wanting her to give me one. I'm not proud, but I was desperate. Or at least sell me one. What she did give me was some advice and a phone number. I called this man and he said that he could fix KiKi. Really?

So I took KiKi over to I had seen that place before. It's near a thrift shop I frequent. But it also sells and services vacuum cleaners. That's why I never thought to take her there. I was told if I got her there early enough, I could get her back the same day. I took off work to do this. The repair man took 1 look at the machine and told me what was wrong with it. And he was right. I have mixed feelings about this... On one hand, I am super excited to have my baby back working just like she did before. On the other hand it cost $80. I could have bought a new machine for $80. See my conundrum? And it's not like anything was broken or repaired. He said it was "gunked up." That $80 bucks caused me to be overdrawn in my checking account AND I got a ticket (for an out brake light, that requires me to go to court) behind the repair. I feel some type of way.

Well.... I got some sewing done on Saturday. I made 4 garments in 8 hours. I had a lot of pent up mojo inside. These garments came out quick too. I finished the patriotic dress, I made 2 skirts and a top. They weren't really that hard. Most were patterns I have made before. The only pattern I hadn't sewn before is NL6463. Let me tell you something... That is a very easy pattern. So easy I'm ashamed to review it.

I used the rest of a Wal-Mart fabric from which I made a blouse. I had always planned to make a skirt to match. Everything went together so easily that I was finished with this skirt in 40 minutes from cut to hem. Seriously. I wanted a skirt with some flounce at the bottom. This fabric is supper bold. I wasn't sure if I wanted it all over so that's why I chose to make separates. the skirt was super easy I mean SUPER easy. I added 3" to it... and that is where the drama begins...

The finished waist dimension for this skirt say that for the size 18, which is the largest size, it should be 34". Well my waist is 43". Don't judge me.... Seems like I should have added 9" to the skirt right? Right? had I been a newbie sewist I would have. But since I have a bit of wear under the hood, I measured the pattern directly. I only needed to add 3" vs the 9" the pattern would have had me add. That is a pisser right there. This is why newbies quit sewing. But other than that it was a very easy and satisfying pattern to whip up.

So back to this machine thing..... I have always serviced my own machine. I'm a continue to do so. $80 is a lot of money. Think about this... I could have bought a brand new machine for $90! And since I have been handling my business for all these years, I'm going to continue to do my own maintenance. I'm still getting more machines. Definitely a cheap back up for when KiKi has to go to the doctor. Let's face it. She is 30. There will be more problems. I probably need a new bobbin case. I want to get into embroidery. The issue is do I get a combo embroidery/sewing machine or an embroidery only machine and a sewing only machine? Either way, I'm still getting a cheap basic machine; but it will need to be brand spanking new. So many issues......