Monday, September 9, 2013



It's been a while since I posted. I have nothing to report. I'm a be super honest.... I don't like my sewing room. This house that I have been living in for 2 years, is a step down/ half the square footage from/of the house I lived in previously. So I have to share my space with the 7. I think he keeps his area a mess and he feels the same about me. Coupled with the fact that there is refrigerator, his microwave and other foolishness in there... I just don't feel super comfortable in there. It's hard for me to get in sew mode. But these questions have been all over my news feed so I thought I'd build on them for the post. LOL!!!!

1. Do you cut with your fabric RS out or WS out?
Took me a minute to figure out what WS and RS was. I think it means right and wrong side. If it does, I always cut the fabric on the right side. BUT... I don't always cut with the pattern on the right side. I use whatever is convenient.

2. How do you make your pattern markings?
Another question I don't quite understand. If it means how do I transfer marking from the pattern to the fabric.... I use a pen or a pencil. For real. If your gonna sew and fold it after sewing your not going to see it anyway. So...... I have occasionally used a sharpie. And everything has always come out fine. Don't judge me!

3. Do you follow the cutting layout in patterns?
Until this very post... I never even considered that those pictures were suggestions on how to cut out the pattern. I don't know what I thought they were. Maybe just artwork? And I have been sewing for over 30 years!

4. Are you obsessed with re-folding your pattern tissue on or very close to the original fold lines?

YES!!! Absolutely. And I'm good at it. Even after I iron a pattern down I can refold it back to the factory fold. I'm proud of this ability

5. Do you make all the markings?

Another Question I don't get. I make all the marking that I'm supposed to make. Now as far as those things on the pattern that stick out or in... I don't make those. They are ridiculous to cut. Again... Everything always comes out fine.