Monday, November 29, 2010

Simplicity 2497

Peace Y'all!

Here is my thanksgiving frock. I cut it on Tuesday and sewed it up on Wednesday. A very easy dress to make and I love it. I Wore it on Thanksgiving and then I wore it again to the rally. I'm going to wash it and wear it again sometime this week.

Did it look like the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes!

Fabric: 100% cotton with a bold assed floral print


Were the instructions easy to follow?Yes and no. Once I understood the directions they were easy, but I didn't understand what I was supposed to be doing for like the 1st hour. But after that things went quick.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I love this dress. the one thing I didn't like was, as a short, modest lady, the long version was too long and the shorter versions were too short. Easy to remedy though.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:I cut the biggest size (20) but it still wasn't big enough. So I added 2 inches everywhere. And by everywhere I mean 2 on each shoulder, and 4 on the skirt. I lengthened the midriff band too.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?Yes and yes.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Simplicity 2497


this was supposed to be a Bornday frock. But.... I didn't end up going anywhere or doing anything. So I changed my plans a bit. Where I was going to do version D in aubergine for my Bornday, I am working version C for "Should have let them starve" day, more commonly known as Thanksgiving. Not sure where I'm spending the day but I also plan to where to the rally on Sunday. so it will get worn, and probably to work next week.

Sons of Anarchy was on and I didn't want to fall asleep before it finished or came on. So, your girl started cutting the pattern. I had already cut version D. The only thing that's consistent across all the versions was the skirt and belt. I had only expected to finish the pattern but I cut the fabric as well. so whats left is putting everything together. I did add 4 inches in total to everything. All the pattern reviews say that the bodice is big. We'll see. I also cut out pockets. I never add pockets. I'm growing.

Here is what the fabric looks like. I know it looks like a 70's sofa or a tablecloth but I love it. and it was dirt cheap. If I spend the holiday with my people, I'll be cute, though probably not happy.


Monday, November 22, 2010



When I 1st came back to this Nation, I came by myself (2:36). I had been exposed to it in the 80's but it took 20 years to accept. You would think that during that 20 years of consideration, I would have given thought to how I was gonna display my Understanding of the Culture (3/4) but I never gave it any thought. 2008 found me righteous but no clue with the whats and hows to cover my body.

The ironic part about the whole situation was, I knew how I DIDN'T want to rock 3/4ths. I didn't want to look too out there and I didn't want to look like a Mormon. So logic would have me observe Muslim women. And to some degree I liked how they displayed modesty. They were often very stylish in their dress, and it is frequently expensive, but it wasn't right for me. The head coverings are too much, they wear make up and pants. I don't. So it wasn't a perfect fit. What I took from them was the pride that they how they dressed and the desire to be chic. I want people to 1 and 3 that I do this because I want to, not because someone is forcing me.

Next I observed Rastafarian women. Their style was too ethnic for me. Not saying there is nothing wrong with ethnic. I am not self employed. I work in a business environment and I need to reflect that. Not that I don't do ethnic, just not at work. And face it, I'm either at work or I'm at home in bed. There is only the weekend for ethnic and clothes to relax in. The best part taken from Rastas is theres nothing wrong with comfort and ethnicity, but there is a time and a place for it.

But.... I never thought about Jewish women. Hmmmmm....

I am from northern NJ. A Jewish Mecca. There was a Hebrew school around the corner form where I grew up. I went to dental school (a very Jewish vocation) and have worked in the dental industry since I have been grown. I am familiar with their customs and observations. I can even speak a little Yiddish. I know Jews. Not to take anything away from Jewish culture. I'm just saying. I knew they had a dress code for their ladies. But some of it is very surprisingly familiar.

Tznius.... that is the name for the women's dress code. Literally it means "modest." Orthodox Jewish women cover themselves from collar to elbow to knee. After marriage they cover their heads. There are 3 ways I've seen this done.... (1) Scarf or snood, (2) hat or (3) wig. Sounds familiar does it not? The goal is to be attractive but not attracting. I can dig this. This had me reaching out to my FB friends from the old days asking them to explain some of the particulars. Sounds very close to our philosophy. A lot of Jewish women had been observant around me without me even knowing. Bingo!

The God... or should I say The G-D.... just kidding.... said that 2:14 and 4:14 says that Musa went to the devil and brought them laws in which to civilize and govern themselves accordingly. And since Musa was a 1/2 Original man, who was taught by Original people that their laws could be similar to ours. So it's not me imitating them but me reclaiming what's mine. I'm going to take the best part.

One funny thing is it is making me reach in the depth of my hind parts to recall all the Yiddish I used to know. Without it, it is hard to follow the sources of my information. I used to work with this one Jewish dentist who patient pool was nearly all Jewish and they spoke mainly Yiddish in the office. This was in Teaneck, NJ so of course they spoke English... for me. I was completely lost at first and they found this highly entertaining. But I'm a smart girl and picked it right on up. I just never used it quite right. So it was still entertaining. It's always good to learn the language and customs of the people around you. It lets you know when an ambush is being planned. That's all I have to say about them people.


Friday, November 19, 2010


Peace Y'all

I just learned something that will change my sewing for the better.... Full Bust Adjustments or FBAs

The reason I started sewing in the 1st place was because my mother had given up on trying to fit my small body with big assed titties. I got womanly hard and early. I wear a 40J cup currently at 5'3". It was a 34DDD at age 13 and under 5'. It's a wonder I can stand erect without falling over. I knew that if I wanted to be cute (and I do/did), I had to do something drastic. The sewing machine was my drastic.

I still had the problem with patterns. I hated spending all this time and energy on something that didn't fit. That's why I learned to sew by eye. And I'm good and creative with alterations. I was making it work before Tim Gunn made it popular. But I never new anything about a FBA of a pattern. I'm encouraged. I have been Googling these techniques all morning.

My next project if I can ever get going is going to be awesome!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Looking Back to go Forward...

I looked Back at 8/23/10 post of my planned additions to the wardrobe... and yeah... I don't want that any more. Well not all of it. I'm making the denim dress and denim shirt, but the rest of that stuff... No. I don't want it.

I plan on starting the search for the denim dress parts once I fininsh Simplicity 2497. I'm a refashion it out of thrift store clothes. Denim is hella expensive. I'm expecting to pay no more that $10 for it total.

Let's see what happens.....

Simplicity 2497


I scored this pattern at a Hancock's sale for $1.99. I don't really understand why folks pay full price for patterns when they will go on sale like that. The pattern originally cost $16.95. I don't get it.

Originally, I bought said pattern to be my 9day birthday frock. Well.... that didn't happen. I did nothing special to mark my entry in to the 40's. And I'm not sure how I feel about that. I was planning to do the sleeveless version with the fringe at the neckline. That's what I bought the pattern for. But now I think I am going to do the "B" version of the dress, with this bold burgundy floral print I have for Thanks-Taking. Again another day I have no real reason to mark specially. I have issues....

The thing that is really bothering me is... I don't get where to put the zipper. The directions suck and I am having trouble finding a suitable location. Push come to shove, I'll put it in the back. But from all the pics I find, it doesn't go there.

Wish me luck.....


Monday, November 8, 2010

Mojo.... BACK


I don't know how and I don't know why, but my sewing mojo has returned and returned with a vengeance!

Wednesday is my physical degree born day. I will be Culture Cipher. Yeesh. Doesn't even sound right. But one of my own personal traditions is that I treat myself to a new outfit for that day. Normally I store buy something, But this year, I believe I will wear one of the new skirts, if I don't complete my party dress. And the likelihood that I will complete my party dress is low... very low; but you never know....

Yesterday I made 2 skirts! And not from patterns that I had already cut out. Nope. I made them from scratch. (Cut pattern, cut fabric sewed them up) And I didn't start until 3 pm and broke to cook and eat dinner and watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

One skirt was just a refashion from a pair of pants. I stopped wearing pants 5 years ago. Not for religious reasons. I have this aggressive tomboy streak that gets me confused for a lesbian. Though there is nothing wrong with lesbians, I am NOT one. I noticed that I behave decidedly more feminine when I wear skirts/dresses rather than pants. So I stopped wearing them. Hoping my inner girly-girl would take over. And she did!

The pants came from a box of my late husbands clothes. I have no idea how they got mixed in with his clothes. In the box I found a gold sweater suit that I remember loving! But of course, it was a pantsuit; and it had the nerve to be unwashed! Well not anymore. The suit got washed and the pants got converted to a below the knee (3/4ths) skirt that I am currently wearing as I type this. This quick project reminded me of why I don't like to fool around with sweater material. Still looks nice though. The God said I looked like his professional Earth this morning.

Aside....***PET PEEVE ALERT*** I do not work in a corporate environment. I dress 'business casual.' I hate when people see me in the occasional suit and say, "You look professional today." that's some bull. I look professional EVERY day. I just don't wear a suit every day. Suits aren't the only career-wear available. And I resent people insisting that women should dress like men to be taken seriously. That's that inner girly-girl bitching. Back to the build....

The second of my projects was a Simplicity skirt whose pattern I scored at a $1.99 Hancock's sale. While scouring all my blogs, I found 2 sistas/sisters who sew and one of their projects inspired me. It was of a Black and white printed skirt with a green blouse. The skirt was so plain, I didn't think I needed a pattern for it. And I might not have needed it, but since I had it I used it. I actually bought the pattern for the blouse. I am bad with blouses and jackets but not dresses. Go figure.

The thing that had me worried was I knew I only had 2 yards of the black and white fabric (I was also concerned that the fabric might be a lining fabric, but the store didn't give me guidance and the fabric is very heavy, though silky/slimy). The store in which I purchased it has closed it's doors. I suspect they've moved. This store does that... A lot. Anywho... The back of the pattern called for 3 yards for the skirt. And I knew I would have to grade it up 2 sizes. I was worried that 2 yards wasn't going to be enough. BUT... The fabric was deep. Meaning, the length and not the measured part was deep. I ain't crazy I checked before I cut it; and it worked out. The only thing I screwed up was the band. It came short about 3 inches. I graded the skirt, but forgot to grade the band. SWS. Sewing while sleepy. And I didn't have enough fabric and interfacing to do it over. So I improvised. I added a tie with french seams so it looks deliberate. I showed it to the God and he doesn't even see where I boo booed. Cool. He says it looks like me, whatever that means.

I did not begin work on born day party dress yet. The pattern is cut and the fabric is on the bedroom sofa. That's how I start. I will need to have it done by Wednesday evening and the only thing I will do on Wednesday other than chill, is the deposition at 9am. We shall see how things progress. I'm not forcing my self to rush it. When I rush I make mistakes.

So my new garment to wear probably will be my new black and white printed skirt! I'm thinking, I'll wear it with a black turtleneck and some boots. I can also wear it with a hot pink turtle neck and a black sweater cardigan I got from a previous born day. But the deposition paperwork says to dress conservatively.

On another note, The robe I made for the God is a big hit! Not just with my God but with the righteous community as well. Who knew? God posted it on Facebook and now a lot of men want one. Y'all know I don't like sewing for others but I will make righteous apparel for others. Not for any other reason but I want to see our Nation grow. And if I can be a vehicle for that, I will suck up personal discomfort to see that happen. The God even set up a PayPal account and we are flirting with getting an Etsy account.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this in this blog before, or even out loud... But... I want to start a clothing line for modest urban women. I know I struggled the first year with how I dressed when I got KOS. I wanted to reflect, but I didn't want to look different than myself. I have finally figured it out, but since I sew I would like to assist other women and make some money at the same time. I used to date a dude who put out a short lived clothing line. I wish we were on better terms so that I could ask him how he did it. I am currently clueless. I have the business plan, clothes, designs even a logo, but no ideas how to progress from that point.

So... If you want a righteous robe... it's $50 from scratch, $20 for me to put a flag on a pre-existing robe and $35 if you supply me the material. Also, I can add a flag to anything that you have that you want a flag added to for the same $20. Remember I was going to add a flag to a denim jacket, but the jacket shrunk. Yeah, it's the jacket's fault.

I need to hit the lottery!


Here She Comes.... shoulda been posted before today


After all the hullaballo about me losing my mojo and finishing up all these unfinished projects laying around my sewing room. After all of that... I have the nerve and unmitigated gall to be at a complete loss with where to go next. Insanity.

My born day is on Wednesday. Yes I will be Culture Cipher years old. Yeesh. I had a nice day planned with the God. Culminating in a nice dinner and movie to celebrate. And guess what? I have to go sit for a deposition! Damn!

I was hit from behind. My car was 6 days old. I was sitting at a stop light waiting to turn left when a car full of people hit me from behind. My car was 6 days old. It was an open and shut case. My car was 6 days old. I had to go to traffic court (and miss a 1/2 day at work in addition to missing work the day it happened). He hit me from behind. I didn't do anything wrong. My car was 6 days old. The insurance company needs to anty up for my damages. My car was 6 days old. But they are fighting me every step of the way. Just settle already! My car was 6 days old!

Guess when the deposition is scheduled for? You guessed it. Next Wednesday. Crap! I was off that day. I was planning to make a party dress for my outing. Now I think I should ammend that to make a cute outfit to wear to the deposition. I know I can still go out after ward, but it is the principle of the whole thing. And I'm not wearing a party dress to a deposition. But what does one wear? I want to look honest. I have been planning to sew a black and white printed skirt and a green blouse. That might be deposition cute. But I still need my party dress for the evening. Decisons decisions.

I will figure this out. Stay tuned


Monday, November 1, 2010

UFOs? What UFOs?

Peace Y'all!

I had an epiphany! Yeah that's what I am going to call it.

I finished the God's robe. He loves it. I want to complain, but I can't. It looks better than I thought it would and the addition of the Universal wasn't that hard. he's thrilled, so I am thrilled.

I decided to not do the jacket for me. Well the jacket decided. I bought that jacket maybe 4 months ago... And for some reason, it's too small. 4 months. I'm disgusted. So that project completed itself.

As far as the quilt goes, there is no rush. I'll finish that when I finish it. It will probably end up as a keep busy project.

So now that I'm finished with the robe, I can move on to my fall sewing. The 1st thing being a party dress for me. My 40th born day will be here next Wednesday. The God is taking me to dinner. I'm a be cute in Simplicity 2497 in an aubergine color. I will wear that with some intensely high patent leather heels and my mother in laws mink stole. I'm a look 40. Funny thing is I have to work and work hard up until that day. That particular day I'm taking off. So I won't have a lot of time to get it done. But I will and I will be cute!

A little bit each day, and it all gets done.