Thursday, November 17, 2016

S1070: My Birthday suit!


I know it's been a minute. Life happened... My Husband and I bought a house for Easter... then a week later I got fired. I'm still not over it. since I wasn't expecting it, I had to hustle with my sewing machine to cover the small bills and learn to live in Georgia heat with no AC. I finally got another job, but it's part time. I like it.... I'm just not sure if I can survive on a part time gig. Since it's all I have right now...... Anywho......

My birthday!!!! And for my birthday I always make or buy a new outfit. I do the same for Easter. But this Easter I bought a house so that was my new Easter thing. This year I used 2 parts of S1070!

I bought S1070 during my last Hancock haul.... RIP Hancock. I soooooo like them better than Joanns... The top was super easy with only 3 main pieces. The top was supposed to be a midriff. But.... Not everybody can wear a midriff. I know I'm supposed to have body positivity. I'm certain I do. But more importantly... I'm a realist. I don't have a good midriff tummy. It's not flat. It has a ton of stretchmarks... And I don't even have children! So I made the shirt shorter than normal but longer than the pattern called for. I'm not going to wear something that doesn't flatter me just because society says I should.

Also.... I am REALLY bad at using the fabric that the pattern calls for. So I really need not to complain when I don't always get the result I was looking for... that's on me.

Pattern: Simplicity 1070

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the envelope?
Yes it did

Were the instructions easy to follow?
I didn't really need to follow them because the bottom has 3 pieces not including the facings and the top had 3 pieces not including the collar. But I did glance at the instructions for the collar. I have a way that I put in collars that works for me. The same can be said about the way my sleeves work. But this time... i decided to see what the instructions said with regard to the collar. And I'm happy to say, that I was pleasantly surprised. I now have a new way to do collars. Bully for me!

How long did it take from start to finish?:
About an hour and a half for the skirt and a half hour for the top.

What did you like/dislike about the pattern?
If you follow the pattern suggestions, you will be fine

Fabric used?:

For the top I used a sweater material. I worked just as anticipated. But for the skirt..... I used really, really, really stretchy woven fabric. I am able to wear it... But in retrospect.... I should have used knits as suggested. Even with the facings not interfaced.... I was able to wear it as intended. But the waist feels like a tourniquet. By the end of my workday, I was in hell. I had to change out of the skirt to go to dinner.

Pattern alterations or design changes made?
I lengthened the midriff or shortened the top... depending on your perspective

Would you sew it again?
Oh absolutely! I made plans to.

Would you recommend it to others?
Do it!!!

This is a really nice pattern. Y'all should try it