Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I still have not been sewing. I have been cutting out patterns. But not sewing. I have been buying fabric, but not sewing. I have been making plans, but not sewing….

But let me show you what I have been doing.

My line sister had a bouncing baby boy. And as much as I wanted to make a pink and green confection that was all sugar and spice and everything nice for the new little “Honey-Don’t”, I decided to be a good friend, not soror, and make something more in line for a boy.

Everybody has been on a crochet kick so I made this sweater, hat, booties and bib. I was gonna make some shorts but I stopped wanting to crochet. I don’t enjoy it as much as people seem to think I do. It is monotonous and boring. But occasionally I do like to do it. But just occasionally. I think I might have put the buttons on the wrong side. If I did… Oh well. I know that sounds stank, but I don’t want to see any more yarn for a hot second. Remember… occasionally.

I initially wanted to make a quilt using the theme of the Jamaican flag. My soror and her husband are both from Jamaica. But I wasn’t sure that was in good taste. I could never quite shake the tacky feeling. So after purchasing everything I need for the quilt, I scrapped the idea. Those colors are dark and not at all baby-like. That is how we get stashes right? Buying everything and changing our minds. Oh well. Tell me what you think!!!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Color Story


I have listed this blog as the website for my “side hustle” I want to make a bit of knowledge born for those that don’t know. Within a calendar year, there are 2 fashion seasons. There is a sub-season of “resort” but that is a different build. Spring and Fall are your main seasons. All your clothes come out of one of those seasons.

But it’s not only clothes. It’s colors too. Colors are seasonal. Your favorite color might be sky blue and you want to wear it all the time. But you won’t be able to find it at will because it may not be in the color trend of that particular season. This goes for everything! Including yarn, fabric even furniture. I tend to move things around in my closets. If I know something is not on trend I may not wear it like crazy. I may not wear it at all. It might stay in the trunk until it is fashionable again. My personal style is pretty classic… sort of, and my clothes translate.

Something that has always struck me as interesting is when a color has been exhausted, yet people still wear it how “old fashioned” and “out of touch” they look. It’s a subconscious thing. Their outfits could be brand new, but the color is played out. Example: My sorority colors are pink and green. 10 years ago when I’d wear these colors together, folks thought it was a costume. Then it became the color combo of the season in 2005. Everyone thought they were AKA’s. Even folks who had no business… Then it trailed off. Now when I wear P&G, uninformed folks will get nostalgic. It’s only because the combo went out of style. I’m not suggesting that you should abandon your faves for what is currently on trend. Do I still wear P&G still? Every damn chance I get! But I am giving y’all something to think about when you make your current selections.

The colors from Spring 2013. This is what you will see in the stores…..

Your gonna have to click on the image to see it all.


Chillin' in the Cut.....


I haven’t posted here in awhile. It is because I haven’t sewn a darn thing for me this year. There are a few reasons why….

(1) I have been trying to get my side gig up and running. I have decided to take on a FEW clients. It started at the nail salon. A woman was complaining that she needed something repaired and wanted to spend money with her own people. So I threw my hat in the ring. Since then I have a few clients, I have developed some business documents, got some cards, and one of those card reader things. I have been making big steps to make this a legitimate side hustle… BUT… I’m not particularly enjoying the work. People aren’t being honest and they don’t’ want to pay you for what you do. I kinda knew this going in. Folks are telling me that I’m mean and unprofessional. But I’m not making you a ball gown and procuring all the necessary supplies for $50. Also, when you try to tell folks something they clearly don’t know, or don’t want to believe they get hostile. One chick brought me a pair of pants that had a bunch of things wrong with them other than what she wanted done. Hems and seams were out; the zipper was broken, etc. When I brought that to her attention, she said I just wanted to jack the price up. SMH. Since this is a side hustle, and I have a REAL day job, I’m not taking this any more seriously than I have to. All the gold I make off these jobs, I will put in a fund toward my summer vacation. Folks like to think they pay your bills…

(2) Starting February 26, 2013, I will be juice fasting for 3 weeks. I do this every year. Obviously I lose weight when I do this that I eventually gain back. But I started running last July (and these clients don’t seem to understand that I don’t do consults when I am working out) and I’m hoping not to gain the weight back that I lose fasting. So it really doesn’t pay to make clothes that won’t fit later. Also, It’s still winter and my fast will be over in the spring. So…. There is no point in making clothes for myself right now and I can focus on these ungrateful clients.

(3) And lastly, though most importantly…. I don’t need anything. My closet is bursting at the seams. I have enough clothes that I don’t have to do laundry for a month if that’s what I choose to do. I don’t feel the pull to sew because of that.

Just because I don’t feel the need to sew right now doesn’t mean that I won’t. Mimi G made an outfit that has my name written all over it. Do you know that I had her body when I was in high school and just didn’t know what to do with it? I told the 7 that she stole my body. He told me to steal it back. LOL!!!!!! So there is a Mimi outfit that is a’coming. And while buying the fabric for that dress, I saw an orange fabric that I had to have. It was so lovely I bought it full price, which is something I never do. That will be my Easter dress. I already have shoes and accessories for it. I won a few patterns from a giveaway and I know what the orange dress will be…. So I’m here but low key.

I’m stalking y’all though……