Monday, September 24, 2012

B5760 ; Skirt


For my current wardrobe I have decided what my need is, is skirts and blouses. I’m NOT a suit girl. And I want to up my game and grown woman wardrobe. My body type looks best with pencil or a-line skirts. So I made a pencil skirt this weekend with B5760. When you google B5760 all you come up with is the cardigan reviews. I admit that I bought the pattern for said cardigan. But there are other things on the pattern. I freely admit that since I don’t wear pants, it’s unlikely that I would use them, but you never know…. I’m a runner now a days and you just don’t know what I might do.

But I’m thinking the other pieces of this pattern are under appreciated. And…. I just needed a pencil skirt and this one was laying around to I cut it. Seriously. I didn’t realize how many patterns have other pieces on them and I have tunnel vision about what I’m willing to make out of it. Like NL6130. Did anyone notice it too has a pencil skirt? It’s wasteful really. But how many pencil skirt patterns does one actually need? Anywho…. I like the skirt part of B5760! And here is my review.

Pattern: Butterick 5760 Misses' Jacket, Cardigan, Dress, Belt, Skirt and Pants I made the skirt

Fabric used: Purple with blue pinstripe suiting

Alterations? None. YAY!!!!! I have been dieting and exercising and I am heartened that I don’t’ always have to add width to a garment like I used to. It feels good to make a garment right off the paper! But I should have added 2 inches for just a smear more modesty. It comes to the knee, but when I sit, it rises. I don’t like that, but it won’t keep me from wearing it to death.

Did it look like the envelope? Yes

Instructions easy to follow? Ummm…. No. I find this shocking….. but I have never made a vented skirt before. The directions must have assumed that I knew how to do this because it wasn’t discussed on the paper. I had to google how to do it and I am thrilled that I learned a new skill.

Likes/Dislikes? All like no dislikes except the no vent on the skirt directions

Would you sew it again? I would!

Recommend to others? Do it!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lil' Scrappy


I really have to take the recommendations on the back of the pattern package more. I have a habit of matching a fabric I love with a fabric I love. Damn the recommendation. 25% of the time, it works. More often than not it doesn’t. Like the denim dress I made from V1250 that you have never heard of. My current creation is no different. I fell in love with the fabric and wanted to make a dress out of it. Even though the fabric is better suited to be a blouse than a dress. I still made a dress out of it. A wadder. The fabric is pretty and every one told me that specific tidbit of information though no one made mention of the dress itself. I didn’t even finish it correctly. So it came apart.


So what is a girl to do? Recalculate! I recut the top and left the bottom alone. I added a solid band to the middle and backed the hem with the same heavy cotton. The last dress was so light that it would rise up on it’s own accord. So I made a scrapped dress out of reclaimed fabric of a dress that I shouldn’t have made in the 1st place.

But do you know what? I like it! And people have given me compliments on the dress itself. It’s tighter than I expected it would be and I made sure to finish it correctly so I don’t pop out… like I did in the last dress made from this fabric.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Look 6107


About 13 years ago I wanted a bike. So I bought one from Toys R Us. The people who put the bike together were on vacation and I would have to wait 2 weeks before it could be put it together. That wouldn’t do. My late husband claimed that he could put the bike together. When I came home from my ptj the bike was done; but there was a bag of leftover parts. He said they always include extra parts. The next Saturday we went to the park to bike ride. He was on his nephew’s bike and I was on my new one. I pushed off and the brakes and the whole break line came off. I couldn’t stop the bike. But luckily the wheel fell off. That stopped me. We took the bike to a bike shop, but without the extra pieces because he had discarded them. It cost $50 in the 90’s to repair the bike. That is how I feel about New Look 6107. It had a bunch of mystery pieces

Let me just say I love this pattern. It is very easy and very pretty. And I wanted something polka dot since Shawnta made a polka dot blouse. And I love a good pussy bow! I bought it in the summer with plans to make the short sleeved version. Unfortunately I didn’t get it in like that so I added the longer sleeves. I really like it. But I did have some problems.

Pattern Description:
Misses' Sportswear Misses' button front blouse with sleeve and neckline variations and pencil skirt in two lengths.

Pattern Sizing:
8-18 I cut the 18 I did the A-version

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Were the instructions easy to follow?

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I didn’t get the instructions down to the pieces to be cut. I mean there were pieces that I just never used. I was pissed that I cut them because I wanted to make a hat out of the remnants but couldn’t because I had cut all the pieces that they asked for.

Fabric Used:
A BEAUTIFUL cotton from Wal-Mart. Yes Wal-Mart. It was a joy to work with and it doesn’t look like a scrub top. I might get some more and make a skirt….

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I have been on a diet fro the last 2 months and everything I own is loose. So I thought I didn’t need to do an FBA… That is until I was about to add the buttons (my last step_ Then I realized that although I didn’t need to add 10” to the garment, I did need to add about 6”. So I rigged the front to give me the extra room. In the future when I make this… And I will be making this again…. I will add the FBA. I accept I will never be able to make a top out of the package and I am okay with that.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

I love this pattern <3<3<3 I’m wearing the hell out of this top.