Thursday, June 29, 2017

Vogue 1534


It has been a minute. I’ve been going through some things. This is no surprise, but I really miss my mother y’all. And everything that goes along with handling her estate is…. Pinching. This shit really sucks. I have been stupid busy with a ton of other non-estate duties. And my friends have been in these trenches with me. I struggle. But I not complaining…. Much.

I am really excited to finally have made my entrance into the Ifa community here in Atlanta. Initially it was to be their seamstress, but you know…. I think I might have found my home. I have officially 2 side gigs and a square job. Websites and all. Another reason I’m super busy. One of the gigs is, of course sewing. And where as I’m part time with my square job, I’m certain I will have to come on full time in the near future. I’m not opposed…. But I have gotten used to working just 3 days/week. Anywho…..

I made a prom dress!!!!! One of my Ile sister’s daughter wanted a prom dress that she could not (a) find in her daughter’s color scheme and (b) afford. So…. Serenity to the rescue! As always, when I sew for a relatively new client, I make sure they understand the value of what they are receiving. Folks be wanting you to create wedding dresses for $50 and the fabric costs more than that. My client was cool with my process (especially since she doesn’t know other seamstresses) and we had a successful result.

Shall we?

Vogue 1534

Pattern Description: Close-fitting through the bodice, lined dress has halter neckline, full skirt and contrast bodice.
Pattern Sizing: I don’t actually remember. I do remember I made the largest size and had to take it in 4 inches
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?. YES!!!!

Were the instructions easy to follow? They were

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? It wasn’t for me to like or dislike the pattern. It was for the graduate to like or dislike it. She loved it!!!! I, however…. Did not like working with sequins. Sequins were everywhere and still is. I made that dress in April, and occasionally I still see my cat walking around with sequins in his fur. I found some in mine and my husband’s fur as well. I truly hope that there aren’t sequins somewhere they ought not to be.
For this pattern to be a “special occasion dress” and it being a Vogue pattern… it was very easy. The front had 3 pieces the back 6. Once I got rolling it was easy to finish. Especially since I had to tuck sewing into my day with all my other responsibilities.

Fabric Used: Silver sequins for the bodice…. Midnight Blue Satin for the skirt… a lovely gray-silver silk like lining for the lining. I liked more than I liked the outer fabrics. It was easier to work with and I cut the lining and the sequins together which made the process easier. I had initially cut the sequins separately and had to re-cut because it was completely wonky

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: Actually none

Would you sew it again? Yes I would see it again if someone wanted it. They let me keep the pattern, because… well… what were they going to do with it? Would you recommend it to others? Sure. It’s a satisfying and easy pattern

Conclusion: Yay!!!!!