Monday, December 7, 2009

Righteous Remix

I bought this sweater fabric in the summer. It was cheaper then. I wasn't real sure what I was gonna do with it. Originally it was gonna be a long jacket, but..... I wasn't really feeling that. I saw a sweater dress a in Victoria's Secret catelog and was like that's it! That's what I want. So thats what I made. a righteous sweater dress unlike the one in the catelog but based on it all the same. I did use a bit of a pattern. McCalls 8523. It's an old pattern. I just used the top part for the top. The bottom I mentally made it more form fitting to imitate the sweater dress I saw in the VS catelog... BUT... It must be modest. And modesty in my mind is no boobies showing and below the knee. Here it is. Pay no attention to all the shit on my counter. And btw... I need all that shit!