Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PSA: Slips

I am not a big fan of stockings. I dislike wearing them. I' allergic to the inexpensive ones. Since I stopped wearing pants 5 years ago I warm my legs in the winter with tall boots. That is my undergarment confession.

What a lot of women have gotten away from.... and shouldn't have.... are slips!

Slips and cami's serve a purpose. They don't let the world see your business. Girdles too, but that's another build. I remember hearing Oprah say that she no longer wears slips. She says if someone sees her legs what's the big deal. Well.... Oprah doesn't wear cheap clothes. Her clothes are of the highest quaility and not see through unless she wants it to be. And expensive clothes tend to be lined. Oprah doesn't need to wear slips.

If you wearing Oprah quality clothing then you need to put one on. I was on the bus the other day and this woman had on a very sheer skirt, with no slip. and granted it was hot as hell that day. I could see the outline of her legs, thighs, behind and bush. She wasn't wearing any panties. Nasty. She seemed lke a nice church going lady, she was holding a Bible. I guess she didn't read the scripture of "thou shalt cover your ass." All she needed to be presentable was a slip. But in the sunlight she was showing the world all her goodies.

Maxidresses are all the rage now. But women put them on without looking in a full length mirror some women think because it's long they don't have to do any follow up. No. Them dresses can be uber clingy. A slip would make those dresses slide off the body.

Slips are not opression from men. Those are contro top pantyhose. They are a way to maintain your refinement.