Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sew comes before Cook and Act


This is a righteous sewing build. If you aren't righteous you will be lost. This is my disclaimer. Carry on.

The Knowledge Culture degree of the 1:14 asks,
"What is the meaning of M.G.T. and G.C.C.?
Ans. MUSLIM GIRLS TRAINING AND GENERAL CIVILIZATION CLASS. This is the name given to the Women and Girls thay belong to the Nation of Islam in North America, teaching them:
Sew, Cook and in general how to act at home and abroad. These training units were named and given by our Prophet W.D. Fard."

For most Earths this is the blueprint on how to be a proper Earth.

I'm an Earth and I know a few Earths here and there. One of the things I have noticed is Earths take a LOT of interest in cooking, natural health, homeschooling, revolutioning, and such. I'm not saying that they shouldn't, yet don't take the same interest in sewing. Hmmm.....

I'm not trying to say that sewing is more important than other things. It's not. But its not less important either. Sewing is just as important as any thing esle on the list.

Folks really behave like creation of righteous clothing is an after thought or a superficial frill that Earths should not possess. We should be humble and boring looking. Ummm.... Emphatically Now Cipher. Why can't we be supa dupa fly? And why would be judge each other for making our appearances a priority? I'll wait....

There are plenty of reasons to educate oneself on the politics of the garment industry. Did you know most of the ready to wear clothing that is purchased in this country is made somewhere other than the US? That means by purchasing RTW garments you are taking money out of this country and supporting China, Indonesia, India, etc. Less than 5% of clothing is made in the US. It is a crippled industry for Americans. Also the people making said clothes work in extreme conditions for little money. They are sweat shops. But it's legal because it's abroad. So by purchasing RTW garments you are supporting this.

Did you know that sythetic fibers choke the skin? You skin can only breathe in natural fibers. Cotton, Rayon, Silk, etc. And these Franken-fabrics may be composed of chemical wastes and debris. I have excema and have noticed that when I wear natural fabrics mys kin does way better than when I don't. Hmmm.... Does sewing sound less important now?

I am a decade long vegetarian, I am currently walking the God through the vegetarian transition. I recycle, I am gainfully employed. I Knowledged 120 in December 2009. I add on as much as I feel comfortable to do. All my ducks are in a row for the judgmental folks. I take care of myslef and the God. I know and control the ins and outs of our cipher. So I'm thinking I've hit all the pillars that are applicable. Can you say the same thing?