Wednesday, February 23, 2011



This is actually going to be more of a gripe than a build….

Last week I got all the patterns I needed to make my spring/summer wardrobe. I am very excited. I also traveled a distance to go to a store that sells fabric on the low low. I kind of got what I was looking for. I got 8 yards of beige and 6 yards of white. I wanted 10 of each. The white they didn’t have so much of. That’s why I only ended up with 6 yards. 14 yards will not make an adult plus sized wardrobe. So I am going to make the suits out of the fabric I have. I will still need white linen for the white dress, beige and white fabric for the beige and white dress, fabric for the white and beige blouses and fabric for a headwrap to match it all. That’s all.

I’m not starting until the beginning of May. I’m doing P90x and I should be able to see where my body is going with it by then. I’ll be in phase III by then. If I just gotta get sewing, I will make the blouses. It’s unlikely my boobs will get smaller. They never have before.

I love to sew. I know you can’t really tell from how much I do. But one of the cool things about sewing WAS that the garments were less expensive with higher quality than purchasing them. But not anymore. I had to drive to west hell to get in on that sale at a fabric house. That’s ridiculous. I live in a major metro area. There should be inexpensive fabric houses here. The width on the fabrics is not all that fabulous either. A mere 45”. That pisses me off too. While I was in west hell, the God and I stopped at a Wal-Mart. He bought a t-shirt for $3! I shook my head. I showed him that thread alone cost $2. This is why I don’t sew everything.

Folks say I should vend my sewing. Well there are plenty of reasons why that is a bad idea. I hate sewing for other people because they have no idea how intricate is to sew. They think they can learn everything in an afternoon. Secondly, it’s not cheaper than purchasing. And thirdly, (this actually counts in other ciphers other than sewing) people aren’t sure of what they want. Oh they think they know what they want. But they aren’t sure and when you give them what they ask for and they are unhappy, they expect you to absorb the cost. That’s some bull isht right there.

So why does it have to cost so much? Why do I have to struggle to find reasonably priced fabric? Why are folks sucking the joy out of my hobby?