Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've Been Sewing...

A little bit. Not much and I don’t feel the need to apologize for that.

Sewing is a functional hobby that allows me to enjoy a hobby, while getting something useful from it. When you look at the bloggers sites, it seems all they do as soon as they get home and entirely on weekends is sew. That may be cool is sewing is your side gig or if you’re a Walton living on a homestead with 20 members of your immediate and extended family, but I am a normal Earth with no children. I don’t need to sew that much. My closet is full.

Right now, I probably sew maybe 1, 2 max garments a month. I’m good. Now there are a couple of garments that I have made since last I blogged. And it is my determined idea to get them up… eventually and reviewed over at

So yet hold on. I got something to show you!