Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random Build on a Wednesday

Peace Y’all,

I thought I’d type out something just to remind self to get my behind in front of the sewing machine. I’m hoping to get really random….

~ Since the sewing/computer room is so dark, I bought a floor lamp to lighten up things. It’s assembled but not used yet. I got it from Ikea on sale. But it has a funny light bulb. I sure hope that bulb lasts forever. Because I’ll probably have to buy another lamp if it goes out. Come on Ikea lamp!

~ I have decided for every 3 garments I create for myself, I’ll create one for the God.

~ The God said that he does not have a problem with the 2 of us matching… **insert sinister laugh here**

~ Do you know how hard it is to find interesting clothes for men? I peeped a bunch of runway shows and there is really nothing interesting out there. I have a shirt/jacket pattern and a pants pattern. Apparently that’s all I need. Men’s clothes are BORING!

~ I have all the fabric I need for all the projects I have planned for myself….. That’s never happened before.

~I’m sick of people asking me personal questions and for money!!!!

~ I have been procrastinating like a mug. I need to finish my black linen mourning suit and start on my Easter dress. No UFO’s in the new place.

~ Why am I making an Easter dress when I’m not a Christian and don’t celebrate Easter? I guess old habits die hard.

~ This random blogging is harder than it looked.

~ My job is really boring. And I have have to work this Friday. I shouldn't complain, since I only work 1 Friday a month....

~ Life seems like it’s taking a good turn, despite what people say. Right now I’m satisfied with what’s going on around me.

~ I need to make a trip out to some country thrift stores. They always have old patterns and crazy notions on the low/

~ I just joined Sew Weekly. I’m a joiner.

~ I hate taking out the trash……



Leigh said...

I kinda like the random blog posts. Snippits of interesting goings on.