Monday, July 2, 2012


Peace Family.

I sort of had a vacation last week. Sort of… The office I work for was closed for an entire week, but….. I came in on Monday and Thursday, had a funeral on Tuesday that took all day and Wednesday I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t come in on Friday because my coworker and I are not allowed to be alone together (it’s that serious y’all) and Friday is her day to come in the office since we are usually closed on Fridays. Mix in the FACT that our AC went out at home on Wednesday and the temps have been over 100* of late means I didn’t get much sewing done. But I did get something completed.


This is a baby quilt for my newest nephew. Dillon Benjamin, though I’m not completely sure of the name. I want to get his name embroidered on the blanket but my people have not confirmed the spelling of his name. You know how we can be…. My niece and I are 1 year apart in age. When her sister started having babies, I made blankets for her girls. All 4 of them. This started me the tradition of me making blankets for the next generation. My niece even asked me if I was making a blanket for her son. You know I had to say YES! Besides, this niece has been sickly all her life and never expected to have a child. He was a blessed surprise. We are all very geeked.

I kind of cheated on this quilt. I made the 1st square 3 years ago. A fellow Earth was baring and I volunteered to make her a quilt. I had made another Earth a quilt when she was baring, but it was a group project. This Earth and I were cool at the time so I agreed to make her a baby quilt and allowed her to choose the colors. You need to understand. I don’t like to quilt. But I will make a baby quilt if the squares are large enough that I don’t have to make that many. And I have to really like you to make you a quilt. And I never allow the recipients to dictate the colors unless I’m not quilting but teaching someone how to quilt.

So I allowed this woman to choose her own colors… blue and lavender. Since it’s hot here in GA, I don’t always use quilt batting. I back the quilt with fleece. I find that’s usually enough to make a solid baby quilt. Anywhoo… As I was building with the Earth…. Who KNEW I was making her a quilt…. Waits until the week before her shower to tell me she doesn’t want a quilt from me but something else. Apparently, she went through her guest list and decided what certain people should contribute. The shower was clearly intended to be a gift receiving venture. She didn’t even stay in the room with her guests or participate in any of the games. I didn’t buy her what she asked for and was planning not to attend the shower. B.U.T. she made the shower coed and invited my God to said shower who did purchase what she asked for and put both our names on the gift. To this day I am still waiting for a thank you card….. So…

I used the same fabric for my new nephew’s quilt. Luckily my niece isn’t picky doesn’t know the story nor does she follow my blog. Even though I’m pissed how the story unfolded, I’m thrilled with the out come. It is a 16” block. I made 4 with a 2.5” strip of white in the middle with another red piece. I think it’s really cute. And once I got rolling, it wasn’t hard at all. In the future, I will spring for a quilting foot. I broke 2 needles! I will only quilt baby quilts on my machine. Anything bigger gets sent out.

The quilt square is called “A Mother’s Life.” If you look you will see a red square of love in the center and arrows going out and coming in to represent a mother’s love in how she loves others and they love her right back. Here is the link to the website.

I hope Dillon Likes it. It is very different from his cousin’s blankets. You can see how my skill level increased through the years. The oldest niece is 15 now. Her blanket was one of the ones that you make maybe a few stitches here and there. Grand-niece 2 & 3 got quilts and #4 got a crocheted blanket. I was in my crochet phase then. Each of the girls still keeps her own respective ‘blanky”.

Yay Dillon!!!!!