Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I still have not been sewing. I have been cutting out patterns. But not sewing. I have been buying fabric, but not sewing. I have been making plans, but not sewing….

But let me show you what I have been doing.

My line sister had a bouncing baby boy. And as much as I wanted to make a pink and green confection that was all sugar and spice and everything nice for the new little “Honey-Don’t”, I decided to be a good friend, not soror, and make something more in line for a boy.

Everybody has been on a crochet kick so I made this sweater, hat, booties and bib. I was gonna make some shorts but I stopped wanting to crochet. I don’t enjoy it as much as people seem to think I do. It is monotonous and boring. But occasionally I do like to do it. But just occasionally. I think I might have put the buttons on the wrong side. If I did… Oh well. I know that sounds stank, but I don’t want to see any more yarn for a hot second. Remember… occasionally.

I initially wanted to make a quilt using the theme of the Jamaican flag. My soror and her husband are both from Jamaica. But I wasn’t sure that was in good taste. I could never quite shake the tacky feeling. So after purchasing everything I need for the quilt, I scrapped the idea. Those colors are dark and not at all baby-like. That is how we get stashes right? Buying everything and changing our minds. Oh well. Tell me what you think!!!!



Alison Cummins said...

Totally in good taste.

It doesn’t have to be dark. A yellow background picked up with little black diamonds bordered with green would be beautiful for a kid.

Don’t second-guess yourself! And remember, little kids don’t have good taste. They like a story. So if they know that there’s a story about their blanket (it’s the colours of the flag of the country my parents lived in when they were my age! and my auntie made it for me!) that just makes it cool.