Thursday, July 18, 2013

What's Going On...

Peace Y'all!

Tonight starts the newest installation of Project Runway!!! Woo Hoo!

I have been all over the Lifetime website learning what I can about the new designers. I already have my favorites. Just to make the cut is amazing. I know I couldn't do it.

My only PR rant is its a bit predictable. The basic challenge is how fast can one make a couture dress. It used to be way more fun, but I suppose that's hard to keep up. But I still find it a solid show. It's helpful to see how much drama goes in making garments from people who do this for a living. If they never did those challenges with car parts or candy or whatever, I'd still watch.

I will be sitting there with my popcorn and grape soda. I will route for the self taught home sewers and/or the Black people. Hey! It is what it is.

Who is going to be watching?

I have some sewing plans of my own. KiKi is not 100% She is more like 62%. I need a new bobbin case. This I know. And she is has this funny smell. It smells like alcoholic oil. It might be from what the maintenance people did. IDK.... I have a 60 day warrantee on it so I'm a ride this out to see what gives.

My family reunion is the weekend of 8/2. I need a dress for the banquet. I have yellow fabric and red fabric. If I use the yellow it will be S2588 the floral version on the cover. If I use the red it will be M5972 the b version. I have to bar tend at the reunion so I need to be comfortable... Long story. I also have M6533 qued to make.

At some point, summer sewing must cease. It is mid July and eventually I will want to start fall sewing. But it won't get cool here until November. I really shouldn't be concerned, but you know how it is....



MAD14kt said...

Kiki is a fighter :) I look forward to seeing you finished garment.