Monday, April 20, 2015

Call Me Cassandra


I have been super busy y'all. I managed to get all my Easter sewing completed. But dig this.... A so-called friend.... who up to this point has never really valued my ability to sew decided that I could make her a few outfits. 3 exactly. And these “outfits” are not dresses or something small like that. They are suits of clothes involving a jacket, top and pants. S1167. She fell in love with Mimi's website and thinks that this is easy for me to just whip up 9 garments on 2 weeks. Nevermind I have a non-sewing full time job!

She bought the pattern (at full price), the notions and some really cheap and flammable polyester and has given me 2 weeks to make 9 garments. I gave it back to her. There is no way that a person who is addicted to RTW going to be satisfied with what she gave me to work with. And I will be the blame for it. Not that nasty thick polyester that will cause her to sweat and smell like a fat girl in the already 80*+ weather we are having. And that that nasty fabric will coat my rotary cutter and gum up my machine... Since she couldn't return anything that she bought, she returned to my home with a different take on it.... and 4 pairs of pants she wants hemmed... By next week. I've done some work for her college aged daughter and I never charge her anything. I guess she is expecting the same treatment. B.U.T.... she has a job! This is why I won't sew for family or close friends, just strangers and of course Precise. But this chick is a dear friend so.... I just hope our friendship survives.

Another “friend” asked me to crochet her a sweater dress for a doll. Ok. I charged her $15 to make it and she had to supply they yarn which I gave back. Now was the doll for her child? No. it was for a doll that she was selling. She thought I charged her too much. She paid it but for her next job, she hired someone else. Guess what? They charged her twice as much as I did. She only told me because she was mad. I had nothing.

I have yet another person in my life who is getting prepared for her sister's wedding. Apparently, the attendants can wear whatever dress they want as long as it falls into a specific color scheme. She showed me a dress she was planning to order from China. I suggested that she needs to order it in as large as a size that it comes in, because special occasion dresses ALWAYS run super small. And that it's easy to take in but harder to let out especially when you don't have the fabric to let it out. she ordered it only 1 size bigger than she wears. Guess what? You already know. I don't have to tell you do I? Now she wants me to do something. What can I do at this point? And everything I suggest does not sit well with her.

As a seamstress, I find it annoying that people who don't sew think they are a better know than I am about sewing. My friend for example.... couldn't wait on a sale for the pattern that was to happen this week. She had to own it last week. She couldn't be bothered to go to the fabric store with me... you know the experienced person... but went with her BF. She didn't take my advice and purchase fabric based not on her rtw measurement, but on the finished garment measurement. She want pants and a jacket from the polyester but there isn't enough. And I'm not going to the store to buy it.

All that to say.... My clients are irritating me. And I'm really reconsidering whether I'm cut out to take on clients. But it is shark week so maybe I'm in the midst of a hormone imbalance...