Friday, May 20, 2016



I've been wanting one of these skirts for a minute. They are all over Pinterest. Why would I buy something I can make?

I made one a few months ago. But when I tried it on, I knew it wasn't my silhouette. The flowiness made me look extra big. I know some women don't care and wear just what they want, but I like to look good in my clothes. That's me.... Confidence is good, but confidence alone won't make you look amazing if the clothes don't flatter you.

A classmate needed a skirt made quickly. Her daughter is graduating today and there is an Agrican theme. Since I'm not working, (I lost my job of 13 years on April 6th. I haven't mentioned it because I was still a bit bitter...) I told her I could help her out. She gave me the fabric on Monday and I gave her this skirt Thursday. I actually had it ready on Wednesday. 

You like? I didn't use a pattern. I freeballed it. And my client seems very satisfied. 

The client actually wanted it shorter. Like a high-low with it really high in the front. So high, I had to shorten the pockets. I like it better longer.

The class I'm taking is in Ifa. I'm not going into an explanation of what it is or why I'm taking it. But I went to a bembe on Sunday, and I saw people in clothes I KNOW they didn't buy at Macy's. My client is deep in the culture and I'm hoping to get the word out that I, a member of their own community, can custom make their ritual clothing. Now that I'm out of work, I could use the money....