Monday, August 31, 2009

Hood Shopping

I'm excited!!!! I went to a fabric store. Not the 'good' fabric store. You know the one that is open daily and is known because its a chain. Nope. I went to the one in the 'hood'. You know, the one that is open only on the weekend. Where the employee don't have a full compliment of teeth and somebody is always calling for the Lord while eating chicken. That one. And guess what? I found ALL, not some, of the fabric that I needed to complete my entire fall collection! I am mad geeked y'all!

The grand total for all the fabric I bought was $19.26! That's it! Another thing I got from them is like 10 paterns for a dollar. i went to the 'known' fabric shop earlier and they were having a sale on Butterick patterns for .99 each. I got 10 mixed patterns for a dollar at the hood shop. It was a grab bag wrapped in grocery bags so you don't know what your getting. And if y'all have read my other blogs you know I am not a big fan of patterns, but I can see the value in owning some.

You know.... You can say what you want. But I am neither shamed or mad at shopping in the hood. I'm glad I have mental and physical option.

Now all I nee now is the energy to get crack-a-lacking!