Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Fall Collection...

In a previous post in my ‘Righteous Urban Crunchiness’ blog I decided to do a lifestyle makeover. One of aspects of the make over was to completely re-vamp my wardrobe. I’m going to decrease it by 1/3. I plan to rid myself of synthetic fabrics (they smell bad) and make/sew the larger percentage of my garments.

I have decided to fill my closet with basics. Yes, of course, I will be following the current fashion trends (I love that shit!) but the trends will be customized to appear timeless. One of the staples that I will add on with is turtlenecks and long sleeved shirts. The place I go the most is work. And I want to step up my work wardrobe. My current boss doesn’t really seem to care what I put on my body, but I want to obtain a different opportunity. When I get home, I’m either naked or in sweats. I suppose when my God moves in permanently I’ll want to change that bit I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I will entertain suggestions.

From what I’ve seen in the Fall 2009 RTW trends, some of which I probably will not do. Biker chic is big. A lot of black leather and buckles. Now that’s mad cool for a 20-something year old, but I’m almost 40. I have some black boots with a big buckle and a leather jacket. But that jacket is definitely not biker chic. I’ll probably pick up a short and cheap leather jacket from somewhere. I am prohibited from buying brand new until September 28th of this year. I live in ATL so it won’t be cold here anyway until hopefully after Thanksgiving. I will look to catalogs for some cheap leather jackets in October. Probably one of the only new things I’ll buy this year. Unless I can find something at a thrift store. I have big boobs and that seems very unlikely to me that I will find something I can close.

Another thing is a lot of stretch pants and pant suits. Ummm….. No. I don’t wear pant like that. I wear them to work out, do yard work and to just lounge in. I don’t wear them out. And I don’t wear them long term. I only own one pair for each task. So nope. There is a lot of gray and metallic out there too. Those colors don’t look good on me so they will be in the details.

One thing that has me excited it the tribal/animal prints. Cool! I have a silk skirt. I am going to get a few more skirts probably. The trick thing with tribal or animal prints is you have to balance them. You can’t rock them at the job the same way you would elsewhere especially if you work for the devil. You have to mellow it so you blend in some. So there will be tribal skirts with turtlenecks. I want some jackets too. I am jacket lite. I want to make them but I am bad with jackets. That’s saying to me that that’s gonna be my goal for the next few months is to make jackets that I would actually wear.

I need a LBJ and a sheath dress. I have brown tweed that I plan to make a sheath dress from (a la Michelle Obama) and a cape. I have already made a skirt from it. I haven’t decided on the nature of the LBJ, but I want something with lace. That part I know. We’ll see how everything develops.

I’m dying to go to Hancocks and see what they have new. But I suspect that it will be very little. They were still selling off a lot of their summer stuff last time I went. I am so over summer. Though, if I see some cotton tribal fabric on sale I will scoop that up.

For some reason, I want to wear my pearls this fall. Back to the justice!