Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What is Black and White and Read all over?

I have already told you that I was in a ghetto fabric store this weekend. I learned something from these ladies (and 1 man) that I wanted to share with you….

I was bitching that patterns were expensive and often when I get to the end of the outfit, they don’t fit. I was talking with these ladies (and 1 man) about this dilemma. One old lady said to me since I was more comfortable freehanded sewing, that I should make my own patterns. That way all my clothes could match. My poorly arched eyebrows flew up. “How do you make your own patterns?” I asked. She said with newspaper. This was an unexpected jewel.

Her advice was after cutting the fabric for whatever I was envisioning in my mind for a garment. Trace it over a open piece of newspaper. Then adjust it so that it worked. Mark it and write out the directions on a manila envelope (best) or regular envelope. What every you have. Then place the newspaper pattern in the envelope and BOOM! There’s your custom pattern.

I’m making a bunch of turtle necks and shirts for the fall and why shouldn’t they all look the same and be easy to make? Also those thin papers patterns are on are thin like tissue paper. News paper is not much thicker. I’m doing this and I will let you know how it turns out.

Now this may be old information for some folk, but it’s brand new for me. I’m running with it!