Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You would think....

That since my shopping restriction has been lifted that I would have been to the malls by now. I haven't. Nor do I have plans to go. I'm really rather blah about the whole thing. Who knew?

Maybe the addiction to shopping has passed? I am VERY clear that I have far too many clothes. That's good information to have. And I like to make my own clothes. I get a weird satisfaction from making my own clothes. Like the feeling I get when I put in that last stitch or wear the garment for the 1st time or when I get complimented on what I'm wearing. Good feelings. That's reinforcement that has to just keep coming

I realize that since I live in GA, all the turtlenecks that I have planned for the fall/winter, though I'm still planning on making them, there is no rush for them since it gets cool later here. I also have new boots as well that are creenign to see daylight. They probably will stay on lock down until the end of October. I saw some tops with ruffles that would make some nice transitional pieces, but I really want cotton blouses. Since tops are my cryptonite, I'm thinking maybe I'll buy a few of those. Again, we'll see.