Friday, March 12, 2010

How Much is Enough?

For the better part of the day I have been figuring out my summer wardrobe. It is that time in the year when the weather hints that summer is approaching. Here in Allah's Garden we get very lite transitional weather. Once the weather has the determined idea to get cold or warm it does... with the quickness. So these hints are my warning to start making decisions about what it is that I am going to make for the summer. This economy has not been good to me. I still am employed and have been employed through the entire downswing, but I don't have a lot of money to play with. I stopped buying purses 2 years ago and have really halted my procurement of new ready-made clothes. What I am going to focus my funds on are shoes. Last year I bought cheap shoes and my feet are still bitching about it. I was going through my fabric stash and have come across some real surprises. Stuff I had forgotten that I had. Some stuff will find new life as different articles. But the question that begs to be answered is...How much is enough?

I have a fellow Earth who lives her life 'off the grid.' Apparently she doesn't want anyone to know where she is or what she's doing. I have yet to hear a valid excuse for that, but I?m certain she has one. She is not the type of Earth to do something that isn't well thought out. But she has precious few articles of clothing. She says that if she needs to move she doesn't want to get all hemmed up in packing up and storing a bunch of stuff. Okay I can see that... sort of. But I freely admit that I have too many clothes. Over the past few years as I have begun to embrace my chosen Culture, I have had to purge a number of articles from my wardrobe. Basically, if it isn't 3/4ths then I don't need it. I got rid of the pants. I have chosen to not wear them anymore. And since I no longer attend church I don't need a procession of church clothes. So the amount of useful clothing in my wardrobe is shrinking. And that's a good thing. All I need is work clothes and casual clothes. I keep a few fancy things, but not a whole lot.

As I have begun to plan the clothes that I will make for the warm weather, I have come up with 9 different garments. Clothes that I can wear to work. I have enough casual clothes. And since I work 4 days vs. being off 3 days (I am intending to get my numbers up, but if I do that I need even less casual clothes) I don't really need a whole lot of casual clothes. So I'm not planning to make any. These 9 garments are it and no more. Be mindful that I already have summer clothes that I can wear so these are 9 new ones. I want to be able to see walls in the closet. My question is this enough?

The only vacation I have planned for this year is Show and Prove. I am planning to go to the beach a few times but the big one is S&P. (Oh yeah! I have to make a righteous bathing suit. Forgot about that one) So will this be enough clothing to take me from April to October? I sincerely hope so. What a damn problem to have.

I'm worrying if I have enough clothing to suit me. I am really spoiled in this wilderness. SMH. I wonder if them people in Haiti have such problems. So much in fact they have to sit in their plush office chairs while they whine by blog about having enough. Somebody slap me... PLEASE!!!!! I'm a be better about blogging my creations.