Thursday, March 25, 2010


Interferences is a term used in dentistry to describe the situation when teeth are mal-aligned and begin interfering with the function of opposing or adjacent teeth. I use this term when referring to my breasts and hips.

I have large breasts. 40J to be exact. I cannot purchase bras just anywhere. I have to go specialty stores and pay a grip for 1. If you ever want to give me a gift that is not cash... Buy me a bra. Google 'Goddess bras.' Having breast this size keeps me from doing a lot of things. That's why I call them interferences.

I cannot golf. My boobs interfere with the way I swing. When I was a child jumping rope, I had to hold them down by putting my palms on the opposite shoulder. Yeah that screwed with my coordination. When I used to jog, I would have to wear a supper tight t-shirt between my bra and regular shirt. They don?t make sports bras to fit me. My personal space is different that other folks. If you stand too close to me, I will move or hit you. You choose. And my bras are not pretty. They don't have to be. Pretty bras are for them small breasted women who don't need to wear a bra. I have to buy what I can find.

Folks ask me all the time when will I have a breast reduction. Why? My boobs do not hurt my back at all. They grew with me, so my infrastructure can handle the weight. When I say that I have no intentions of having them reduced, folks feel like they can make all the jokes and rude references they want. Not so much. I will hurt your feeling if you try to hurt mine. That's Equality.

Another 'interference' are my hips. My hips have and always have been really pronounced. My waist has always been a lot smaller than my hips so clothing that fit my hips never fit my waist and vice versa. So I look like this plus sized coke bottle of big boobs and big hips. SMH.
With all that my boobs and hips bring to the table, my behind gets lost. It's not that I don't have a nice sista-ass; but it is clearly not the star. As an Original woman I feel like it's my birthright to have junk in the trunk. And I do; you just have to look for it. The great thing about my shape is it appears that I have little to no stomach. I am very okay with that even though that is a lie. I have much belly, but it's hidden. LOL!

These interferences brought me to sewing. I saw my mother getting frustrated with trying to fit me properly and just throwing her hands up. I was getting some pretty bad looking outfits. And all my mother would say was it's so hard to fit you and I'm not paying to have all of your clothes altered. So for my 8th grade graduation asked for a sewing machine. I've altered all my own clothing from there on.

But even sewing for myself wasn?t always the answer. Patterns lie. Meaning you can make a garment and follow the directions on the pack and still end up with a garment that doesn't fit well. For years I shunned patterns. Once I found there was this extensive sewing internet community, I learned why the phenomenon existed and that there was a way around this. I have come to take the best part from the pattern thing. I use those parts that work for me and discard the poor parts. Now my wardrobe is blossoming with garments that fit me! I just need to work on the construction more. Anywhoo...