Saturday, April 3, 2010

WhaT I WorE ToDay....

Peace Family,

Yesterday I was on a bus and a Garden God was on it too. He smiled and gave me a Peace Earth. I recognize the compliment. Some Earths do 3/4th when they are amongst the righteous people, but when they are just doing their thing they does it how they wants to. Not me. I take this Culture to heart. I'm all Earth all the time.

This is what I look like today....

This is how I dress in the warm weather on the weekend. I got the fabric from of all places.... Walmart! Something light and flowy that doesn't cling to me. That's not really a requirement of the Culture that everything be loose and you see not a hil of Mountain. No. It is my personal preference for how I want to appear. All my weekend clothes tend to look like this. I look more traditional and professional when I go to work. I'm gonna get some work clothes posted. Be patient! Yeah who!