Monday, May 3, 2010

Dress 3


Over this weekend I made this Butterick pattern from 1996. Not exactly vintage, lets say reto. I cut it at 16. I had some orange linen that I got on sale last year at Joanns. I had a car accident last year and the chiropracter's office was across the street from Joanns. I don't normally shop there for fabric. I don't like it for fabric. It is really a craft store. And I have never been in one where the employees where kind and helpful. It has been my experience that sewing is a community activity. At least when you are buying the fabric. A lot of newbie sewists go into the frabric shops and need assistance. Not just for fabric choices but guidance and advie on how to make the garment they are planning. When they don't get it, they make big mistakes. That's why I shop at either local fabric stores where the owners are very familiar with their stock and can give good insight or Hancocks. Folks are always uber-friendly in Hancocks. And that's at every Hancocks I have ever been in. Back to my dress....

I changed this pattern so much that I feel bad referencing it. But the dress turned out lovely. So much in fact that I have all kinds of plans for wearing this dress. Firstly, the pattern called for it to be a completely button down dress. I don't have the patience for all that. thinking about the facings, interfacings, buttons with their holes.....! Emphatically No! Also, the pattern had princess seaming. I have never done that before, yet it came out lovely. I'm scratching off princess seams off my to-learn list.

Scrapping the buttions means I had to change the entire idea of the dress. And I had to figure a plan for getting in the dress. I initially planned to put a zipper in the back, and rearranged the pattern to accomodate that. But.... The zipper was too short. I bought the zipper last year when I still was slightly scared of zippers. My mother taught me to fear zippers and for most of my sewing career I avoided them using buttons and drawstrings. But I made a denim skirt a 2 years ago that had to have a zipper, and it came out with no problems. After that I have been putting zippers in more and more garments. I have gotten over my zipper-phobia. I put the zipper on the left side

The front I made 1 panel rather than the two it initally called for. The only big problem I had was the collar. Since I was planning to put a zipper in the back, I cut the collar in half to open for it. So when I changed that, the collar came up short. I had some fabric that I am reserving for a headwrap and I decided to NOT cut that up. So I made do with the collar I cut. I did add a bow to camouflage the short coming. I like it. The bow makes it look nautical. And I was planning to add just 1 nautical outftit to my wardrobe this summer. Killed two birds with one stone.

The skirt is longer than I thought it was gonna be. It is a real floor duster. But with the arms out, I'm okay with that. I actually really like that.

The only thing that gives me pause is it is very low cut. But I'm not sure if its the dress' fault or the bra I'm wearing. This bra does make the girls perky. I will try the subsequent wearings with different bras, and if it is still too racy, I will add some fabric to cover it. I really love this dress.