Monday, May 31, 2010

MMM - The Finale


I don't want y'all to think that I haven't been MMM'ing it. I have. I just haven't been taking pics. I don't have a good spot to take picture of myself and rely on others to take the pics for me.

I have worn my own creations the entire month. Even on days where I wore store bought clothes, I wore a headwrap or a bag I made or repurposed.

I have come to the realization that I have a lot of dresses. I have skirts that I've made (I don't wear pants, though I am considering harem pants), but I don't have tops. Tops are the reason I started sewing. I'm top heavy and I started sewing sew that I could have clothes to wear that fit me. But I like dresses because it's one piece and I'm done. Since that realization, I am going to focus on sewing more and more tops vs. dresses and/or skirts.

I did my thing. I just didn't photograph it.

I was reading a fellow sewist's blog and she was building on the fact that she made 21 dresses in the last year. Her mom said that was excessive, she wouldn't buy 21 dresses. I agree. There is no reason to make a ridiculous amount of clothes just because you can. She showed her closets and they were bursting. Sewing may be cheaper than purchasing ready made clothes, but its not free. You have to buy fabric and notions then our time. From the stuff she posts each of those dresses have to have cost at least $50 if not more to make. She posted the site where she buys fabric from online and that place ain't cheap. I wouldn't order from there at those prices without feeling it first. You cannot return fabric.

I'm sewing today now. There will be pictures.... eventually.