Thursday, August 11, 2011

Missing pieces of the wardrobe....


Do you know what? I am missing a HUGE chunk of my wardrobe. Oh, I have the basics, but what I don't have are certain incidentals. Let me explain.....

I don't have any lingerie/lounge wear. Now for the longest this wasn't a concern. I have been single a long time. My 1st husband died in 2003. It was a terrible experience that I still have to deal with and I suppose I will always have to deal with it. I didn't expect to ever think that I'd ever have another man and lo and behold I have one!. The God and I have been adding on for 2.5 years.

I was in my 20's with my 1st husband. You don't have to try in your 20's. Things just happen. But at my age, I recognize that maybe walking around butt nekid is not as hot as it one was. Also, I'm in a different place mentally (and physically). I want to feel prettier.... I need some new lingerie, damnit! And I'm not just talking for nice nice purposes. I want lounge wear and pretty slips and camis. I just want to O.D. on the girly factor.

So... I suppose... While I'm waiting for my mojo to kick in on fall sewing, I will patch over with some lingerie sewing. I already have robes. For some reason I have acquired a cute robe to wear in each season. I've had them for years and I checked them out. They are still in good condition.

Anybody have any suggestions?



Sheila said...

Here are a few: Simplicity 9505, Kwik Sew 3554,Kwik Sew 3351 &
Vogue 7837. Also, you can take a basic tank dress pattern and work it up in a sheer fabric, shorten it or lenghten and it makes for a perfect negligee.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Thanks Sheila!

Shawnta said...

Those are some good suggestions. I just bought my first nightgown and robe pattern the other day. Fabric dot com has solid color knit chiffon for $2 a yard.