Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Peer Pressure!

Peace Y’all,

I don’t usually fall victim to peer pressure but I’m going to just this 1 time….

Y’all are all posting your fall plans. And as sad as I am that the year is waning and the autumnal equinox will be upon us shortly, I suppose the time has come to make some plans. Phooey! Luckily in GA, my plans can come slow. This is what I’ve got planned so far…

Let me start with what I have….

I’m planning View B in denim

I am also planning to freestyle an A-line beige corduroy skirt to match an existing jacket.

I need to finish B5464.

I can wear this probably until after Thanksgiving.

I also have M5972 that I plan to do in an African print.

My plan includes wearing this with a sweater, belt and boots. And not the view with the ruffles! View B.

There is a black and white Simplicity tunic I’m working on. Well maybe working is the wrong word for it. The pattern is cut. I can still wear this when the weather begins to cool.

I have M5523

I’m planning to do a red skirt with that.

What I am adding to the mix for Fall/Winter sewing is



And I’m seriously lacking grown woman blouses. I hit the big “I ain’t telling.” I really need to come down off Old Navy tees at work. It ain’t cute no more. I'm thinking about the blouses with pouffy sleeves and pussy bows (love that phrase, heehee!!!!).

What I want for fall that I see in the magazines are: color blocked dresses in fuscia/black, and one in brown/cream. Something lacy, heeled oxfords in brown and heel black MaryJanes. Ohhh…. And some black riding boots for my bornday.

I have some blue pinstriped suiting. Not enough for a suit, but plenty for a skirt and matching beret. And I need something lace. Hmm….. Lace without looking slutty….. And I’m GOING to learn how to make gloves. I love gloves. I don’t know why I’m tripping. I just have to wait for a glove pattern to go on sale, but I want to do this freestyle. I must be crazy. I told y’all this peer pressure sucks….



Sheila said...

Great line up of patterns. I have yet to plan for fall sewing.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Ok........... I have completed all but 2 garments. And I didn't even buy the vogue dress.