Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fashion Fantasies


You what a fashion fantasy of mine is?… But will probably never happen? Make small new wardrobes every season. While discarding the previous seasons. So, make a brand new wardrobe (I suppose a SWAP) every season. I have a friend who kind of does this, but she buys a ‘new’ wardrobe from the thrift shops every season and donates it back when she gets her new one. That’s nasty.

You have seen those magazine articles that will have like 10 pieces that they mix and match and make 50-11 different combinations that look completely different? I would like to do that for fall and then spring seasons. If I did that then I could get my closet under control and not have a million pieces of this and that in there preventing me from getting dressed quicker. (Takes me FOREVER every morning. And laying out clothes the night before only works 50% of the time. I’ll change my mind while sleeping.) My home is about 14 years old so it has a walk-in closet, but not like the celebrities have with shelves and drawers and such. I tried to put a bookshelf in there for shoes, but it ain't that big of a closet. I got a Target brand shoe holder. I could have more space for accessories, jewelry, shoes and purses (Which I’m a go back too. I put myself on shoe-purse punishment but I’m about to go off….!) and I could fit that 3-way mirror in my closet like on “What Not to Wear” and a leopard print fluffy chair. I’d like to relax (having coffee or reading a book) in there. I'm thinking of painting it Hot Pink. But who paints a closet? But painting it would force me to take everything out of it and start over. We Shall see.

A perfect closet has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. As a child, I went to Catholic school and had few clothes outside of my uniform and 2 church dresses. But those additions would require me to downsize like a mug. Making a new wardrobes every season would keep me completely fashionably updated, satisfy my sewing addiction and get my charitable contributions on (since I stopped doing the church thing, I no longer have that donation statement at tax time). But what happens if I get lazy? Then I’d be naked. I don’t have that type of job.

Yeah …. That’s a pipe dream.

Another fantasy is to have a walk-in dressing ‘salon.’ When my 1st/late husband and I were considering purchasing a home in NJ, we looked at this one house that had this walk-in parlor. OMG! I want y’all to get this picture in your mental minds. This was an old house so these people remodeled. The master suite was originally 2 rooms that they combined. The bedroom was big and had a sitting/TV viewing area. Since it had a walk in close, there was no need for standard bedroom furniture. So there was a bed, plants, nightstands, bookshelves, and a fireplace separating the resting area from the lounging area that had a sofa, coffee table and TV.

This ‘parlor’ had windows. But… Because it had windows all the clothes were behind doors (My mother had a closet with windows and those windows allowed the sun to bleach her clothes!). You opened the French double doors from the bedroom and you’d find a hall that ended with a stained glass floor to ceiling window. There was one puffy chair and doors on both sides. Those side doors on the left opened to the wife’s clothing and the right doors opened to the husband’s. With both doors opened, it looked like a Macy’s showroom! There where shelves for shoes, drawers for accessories, shirts, pants, dress racks, purses, ties, EVERY-damn-THING. I get excited just thinking about it. Nothing was on the floor in front and behind the doors. The owners claimed to have ‘help’ that cleaned the closet floors weekly. The end doors had full length mirrors on the insides and flipped out in such a way that blocked the big window and could sort of 360* with them. And they had the nerve to have a pedestal in front of the window that you could stand on when the mirrors were out! That house was amazing on so many levels. And No, we couldn’t afford it but I wanted to look inside. That closet has been my inspiration closet since I saw it.

Would I like to have a closet like that? What do you think? But that desire wars with my crunchy philosophy of having a small wardrobe with only a few splurges outside of jewelry and accessories. So I remain torn. I would like to enter my closet in the morning naked, and emerge a beacon of classic and fashion forward hippiness. I would like my closet to be more organized, though. Looks like a bomb went off in there. And what of the chair and mirrors? I do have 2 of those cheap flat mirrors. But I haven’t figured how to rig them like a 360 yet. Maybe hang them from the back of the door and on the wall? And right now I could only fit a folding chair in there… Folded!

What are your fashion fantasies?


Leigh said...

Oh, I loved this post. You made me smile. My problem is that I get too attached to things I like and can't get rid of them! My closet right now is terrible, small, narrow, no light, and I can never find anything. I end up wearing the same two or three outfits all the time anyway. The house you describe in NJ sounds fantastic! We're eventually going to make a master suite, so I should think about incorporating something like that.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

And when you do your remodel I will be following, Leigh!

Lauren B said...

I'm not really a fashion person, so I don't fantasize about a walk in closet with lots of cloths. I just want a small wardrobe that isn't overwhelming, but always looks great and flattering on me. Oh yeah, and comfortable, lol.

The sad thing is that I have too many cloths and I have a hard time purging because I keep justifying a reason to keep them. Maybe this will be new motivation to get rid of more stuff.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Then you are the perfect candidate for a capsule wardrobe. Do it! I wanna see an actual person actually live like that!