Tuesday, May 15, 2012

S2615: Don't sew while sick

Peace. Again…. I am going to complain about Simplicity patterns. It’s getting to the point that I want to purge all Simplicity patterns from my stash. But… I paid for them so that’s probably not going to happen. I’ll give them away 1st. Also I have a head cold. I will admit that that is what it is. My voice and nose are all choked up. I can hear myself laboring to breathe. My chest is fine although I have a generalized achyness that I just cannot put my finger on why it’s there and where it’s coming from. I’m warm, all my teeth hurt and my eczema seems to be popping out afresh. Maybe just sheer crappiness has caused me to dislike Simplicity. Don’t sew while sick. I have switched my diet to a more sattvic one and will just let nature take it’s course. Does anyone other than me have cutter’s remorse? It’s holding me back. Buying fabric is not the problem. It’s decided what to do with the fabric once it’s bought. I always have an idea when I buy a fabric about what I want to do with it, but then it changes. So now when I buy fabric, I always buy a little extra. I will sit with a pattern on my nightstand reading and re-reading the directions until I can quote them by number in my sleep only to change my mind when I get to the cutting table. Anyone out there do this foolishness? Anyone? Is it just me? S2615 is a wardrobe. It has 2 tops, a dress pants and shorts. The only different pattern pieces are the pants/shorts combo. I made the top. I need more tops in my wardrobe. Grown woman tops. I bought some thin cotton knit at a sale in Decatur. $2/yard indeed! I love the color… coral… but have to take their word on the type of fabric it is because it is never listed on the bolt. Coral looks good on everybody. I wish more people realized that. I knew when I only bought 2 yards of it that it was meant to be a top. I was just not sure which one. Several patterns sat on the nightstand. In the end I decided on S2615 because it was sort of a tunic. Sort of….

Posing in the kitchen after making breakfast for grown people who work from home! Slightly salty.... Pattern Description: S2615 Misses' & Plus Size Sportswear Misses or Plus Size Pullover Dress, Top and Pants & Shorts Pattern Sizing: 20W-28W I cut a 20 Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes Were the instructions easy to follow? I guess What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? Simplicity’s vague directions and I don’t like garments that tie in the back. That’s country. I figured I could finagle around it but it didn’t work with the fabric. So I have a top that ties in the back. Fabric Used: Alleged cotton knit. In the knit’s defense, I was able to iron it but it stayed really hot for a minute. Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I am 5’3”. Yes I admit that. I shortened it 3” for many reasons. (a) It would have come down like a small dress if I didn’t. And (b) I didn’t have enough fabric to make the top as is. I know I’m technically petite, but I don’t normally to shorten clothes. I blame the boobs and other body parts Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I am teaching an Earth to sew who just found out that she is expecting. I will give the pattern to her. I think it is suitable for maternity. I didn’t cut the pants since I don’t wear pants. She can fit those however she needs to. Conclusion: I like it enough to not throw it out. It has a deep slit in the front that I find kind of sexy. I like the color more than anything else. Peace


Sheila said...

Lovely top and agree coral is such a pretty color. I can spend an exorbitant amount of time re-reading a pattern, have the fabric in mind only to get to the cutting table and deciding on something else.

Feel Better soon.

Anonymous said...

I do EXACTLY what you are talking about and that is why I have the ridiculous fabric stash I do because I can not bring myself to cut into it even after psyching myself up by reading the pattern over and over. I'm hoping to one day be free from that silliness LOL

marysews said...

I feel your frustrations.

When I eat too much sugar and starches, my teeth hurt and my skin acts up. I have not had sugar in 48 hours, and if I make it to another 24 hours, I will treat myself to a mini container of ice cream.

I have the same fabric problem, in that I don't always know what exactly to make of or with it! It's not “foolishness” It's just that some fabric has a personality disorder; it doesn't know what it wants to be from one month to the next.

I have more belly than back side or front side, so I prefer to make empire-waisted dresses.

Alethia said...

I couldn't help but laugh at this post,I can so relate! However, my problem is, I can purchase fabric or pattern with an idea of how2 I'm going to use it. But, when it comes to actually using it for the purpose intended, I will change my mind 100x's and the fabric/pattern will sit unused forever,ugh. As for cutter's remorse, I am so afraid to cu into fabric a lot of the times because I don't want it to end up being not what I expected, therefore I would have messed up good fabric. Is there therapy for such behavior? LOL
As for the color coral, I have to agree that it is a great looking color~it's one of my favorites.
Great post, hope you're feeling better.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Alethia, if there is a group, let me know when it meets!