Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter is Coming


I don't Usually do this over here. This my my sewing blog. But there are some things about me that influence sewing for me. 3/4ths. I'm a 5%er. I freely and willingly adhere to the 14:14. It's all me and it's all good. So I'm a do something on this Blog that I normally save for my righteous blog. I'm going to Build....

When I was a child, my mother taught me that there was a time and a place for everything under the sun. She taught that there was such a thing as appropriateness And what separates the civilized from the savages is their actions. That just because you could do something, didn't mean you should. What she was striving to instill is what I call the “Appropriate Rituals.”

You just don't wear white, open toes, shorts, etc. before Easter and/or after Labor Day. You just DON'T!!!There is a trend happening where people want to do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it. They do it with food. You can buy tomatoes year round. Those tomatoes are not tomatoes anymore. They are grafted or genetically modified. Weak boned and weak blooded. Not only is that dangerous, it's not natural. And when you fool with stuff that isn't natural you get sick. Where do you think auto immune diseases come from?

The circumference of the planet Earth is 24,896 miles; approximately 25,000 miles. My Cee on the word circumference is that it implies a limitation. Limits are not bad. Limits give guidance. And when did guidance become a bad thing. When we have limits to direct our behavior, it shifts us from savage, or jungle to civilized and righteous.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught his people that they should bathe daily. Imagine having to be told that? But back in the day folks bathed on Saturday evenings (all in the same water) so they could be ready to meet the mystery god on Sunday morning. Folks also had those hard labor jobs of working outside all week. Imagine how funky they were on Thursdays? And yet and still they needed to be given the rule and regulation that they should bathe daily. Well damn!

When I was a child, we looked forward to Easter for all the perks that comes with. A new outfit and we can wear white all over. You could always wear a white shirt, but now you can add on the pants, purse and the shoes. I can wear sandals that show my toes. I can start the shift to enjoy summer! Easter comes at different times every year. If you do that year round then you can't really enjoy it, because you don't appreciate it. Without limits you have nothing to look forward to.

My spring prep look like this:
-I swap clothes in the trunk for the clothes in the closet
-I get a pedicure – I only get 2/year. One in the spring to open the toes and 1 in the fall to close up shop. I do my own toes the rest of the summer
-I use different nail polish colors in spring than I do in the fall
-I have different colors for my face
-I use different products in the spring/summer because my face has different needs
-And I change things in my house to reflect the change in seasons. Everything gets brighter. I Spring clean, change the door wreath, the comforters and the curtains.

Now living in Ga, we get warmer days sooner than I did when I lived in NJ. That doesn't mean a thing. A friend of mine was telling me she already wore her sandals. And I asked her why? Did she not have any other shoes? She said she wasn't as old timey as I am. OK. I'll take that action. But then I asked her if she wore boots in August. She looked at me like I was crazy. It's the same premise people. There is a time and place for everything.

And why specifically do folks want to were white year round? Winter white was created to fill that gap. No one wears velvet year round. Folks only wear that Christmas plaid around Christmas. Folks don't wear evening dresses to the office and when they go to the opera they don't wear jeans. Folks don't wear overalls to a job interview. Folks know that some shit is inappropriate. But they are lobbying to be free to wear white whenever?

Well, I'm not the fashion police. But you wear white before Easter... Know that I'm judging you. And also know that your grandmother is turning over in her grave.



Tee said...

I feel you!!! My grandmother wouldn't allow white after September until Easter! I still hear her saying that when I see someone wearing white shoes in the winter!!!