Monday, March 30, 2015

Suede Jacket Repair

Peace Y'all,

I had sooooooo much to do this weekend and sewing was a HIGH priority. I got very little of it done... I know it be's like that sometimes, but this weekend was not the weekend for me to be lazy. I have so much sewing to do. And I have to work next Friday. I have a ton of for-other-people repairs, A top that I have to make for a friend, a baby quilt that really should have gone in the mail last month, and I haven't done any sewing for myself.... including an Easter dress for me!. But Serenity... you don't go to church. Why do you need a new Easter dress? Because I have had a new dress every Easter since 1971. that's why. I'm not dropping the ball on my watch. I just might have to take Thursday off to finish everything on time. Otherwise I will be sewing while sleepy and that never works out well for me. I tend to make poor... really poor... detrimental poor decisions when I'm sleepy. And that's why I don't usually sew after work.

There were a few things that I did get done this weekend. I went to Fine fabrics... Again (1st mistake). That place is effing AMAZEBALLS. Here is the thing.... There is an old building with a sign that is vacant. And near the road there is another sign that says the store is closed. These are big signs. Anyone would think the store was closed. But up the street the store re-emerges. I went with a friend (2nd mistake) I bought notions on this visit and just a smidge of fabric. I was having buyers remorse about not getting something that I wanted last week. And I found a 3 yard remnant (that's what FF called it) that will become that friend's top. I'm sold on FF. I'm not shopping anywhere else for fabric and notions. Hanging with a friend had me out all day. When I got home I was tired and took a nap (3rd mistake). Unfortunately, my naps are hours long. When I awoke, it was 9:30 pm. I just couldn't let the day go to hell like that. So.... I made some kitchen curtains that I have been meaning to make since last year. (The curtains that were hanging were my xmas curtains. That might not have been so bad if they weren't my xmas curtains form 2013). I don't love them. I made them sleepy. I have enough fabric to remake it. I probably could pick these out. Probably not.

The one thing I got to that I am happy that I got to was this suede coat repair. I bought this suede coat maybe a decade ago from Newport News... so you know it was cheap. The suede is so lite and fragile. It tore like it was made of paper towel. When I looked inside the hole it seemed that it was interfaced. I'm not familiar with suede garment construction but that seems cheap to me. I considered either machine or hand stitching the repair but if it tears so easily, putting in a line of stitches seems like making a perforation for more tearing. I didn't pay a lot for it, but I still want to keep it. Lite (aka cheap) suede is on trend this season, after all. So I used iron on patches to force the torn edges together. I covered the suede with a paper towel to protect it while ironing. It seems to have worked. But I haven't really worn the jacket. It's rainy here and I didn't Soctchguard the suede. The torn spots are now together. I have stichwitchery of it tears again.

This is where the tears wear

This is it all repaired. I couldn't get the top tear close as I wanted. And you can see the blue from the patch leaking out. But I don't think it's horrible. Especially considering that there isn't a gaping hole any more.

What do you think? Any advice?

What's on your sewing table for Easter?