Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ideas Updated


It is Wednesday, September 18, 2010.... I have been stalking the stores, and I have yet to spy a September 2010 issue of Vogue magazine. PHOOEY!!!!! Where is it? I've seen Elle, Bazaar, Cosmo, Glamour, Marie Clare and Instyle. No Vogue. I think I'm going to have to go to a book store to get it. There is a magazine depot across the street from the bus stop. The charge more than the magazine retails. I just might have to get one there. I'm sick because I have spent nearly $12 on stop gap mags to quell my thirst for the vogue. Bastards!


So far, I have decided on 3 garments already. A leopard bustier, a fancy denim blouse with puffed sleaves, a high collar and a pussy bow. (Teehee @ pussy bow!) and a sleeveless wrap denim dress. I have decided sleeveless because then I can wear it with a turtleneck or without, and it will be seasonless. And what makes it completely spicy is I already have the fabric for the blouse (an old wrap skirt) and the bustier. That's three. Although not complete outfits.

I have decided that I want to make a nice suit that suits me and my culture. When I go out to various places. I don't want folks pegging me for a hippy. I have seen some nice patterns for 40's styles suits. I aint buying the patterns though. I'm a sew them just like my paternal grandmother did... by eye. And maybe a beret. Maybe a few.

I want to make a coat too. Since it doesn't get truly cold here until January, I need something stylish to carry me through the fall and then again through the spring. I'm getting too old for the hoodies. I have a black trench, but I don't love how that looks on me. Since I have these big boobs (40J), coats that fit across the chest tend to swallow me. I have decided to accept the boobage and look for a maternity coat. Yes I said it. Maternity. No embarassment. They are cut fuller and more flattering in the front. I'm going with it.

Another coat issue is that coats should be lined. I would choose silk, but silk is hot. I only do the natural fabrics so then I would be forced to endure cotton which isn't often pretty. ***Sigh*** Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

I need to re-clarify my determined idea to whether I mean 5 articles or 5 outfits. The way the denim blouse was styled was with a camel long skirt. I already have one of those. The bustier would go under a jacket or sweater. I just don't see me all out in public with such a sexy top on when I have a God. B.U.T. it's not like I plan to stop sewing after all the articles are finished. So I shall and wait to see what develops In the mean time I'm going to get my dress form in shape and finish the God's robe.