Monday, August 23, 2010

UFOs aka Comcast Sucks!


This weekend I worked on some unfinished projects that are laying around in my sewing room. I didn't get to everything, because Comcast sucks.

There was a lightening storm on Friday night and it fried our cable box. We were at the Comcast office when the opened at 9 am. They told us they didn't have the box we needed replaced and that they weren't going to get them. So we would have to take whatever they had. I had to ask them if other locations had them. They begrudgingly said another location had them. I asked them to call and reserve it for us. They claimed to do so. I took their names and the address of the location. After a 30 minute drive to the new location, they tell me they don't have the same box, but that a shipment of boxes was coming in and they were certain one was on it. They also told me the shipment would be there within an hour and that they would call me. They never called. We went back and the woman that was handling our case was at lunch. Sigh. We wait for her and she says they didn't get the box. When I asked her if a person from the previous location called and reserved a box for me, she had no idea what I was talking about. ***sigh*** So Comcast chick gave us a dinosaur of a box and said whenever they got new boxes she would call us. Whatever. I ain't holding my breath on that. We take the box home, hook it up and it doesn't work. We call CS and trouble shoot, still nothing. We take that box back too. The give us another box that works a little but not completely. We call back. Now they are sending someone out to check it. The claim that it will be a free service visit, but I am skeptical.

All that being said, I didn't get anything accomplished on Saturday that I wanted, which just left Sunday to clean, sew and cook. Cooking suffered, which means I will suffer for the rest of the week trying to make up for it.

I cleaned downstairs and insisted that the God put his stuff away so that I/we can reclaim the den. I have been avoiding allowing people to come to the house because his shit was every where. Now it's put away. The garage is still a work in progress. It looks nice and neat. God sweeps it out regularly and has drawn a big Universal on one of the walls.

Any who, I started on the God's robe. He wants a bathrobe with an Universal on it. The Universals colors are black, cream and gold... All colors I would have used as the robe material. And the God is very heat sensitive. It was Love, Hell or Right finding a color and a fabric that the Universal would show up on. I found heavy Royal blue sheeting. I cut the robe out of that. It is my determined idea to trim the robe out in an orange plaid (orange and blue is one of his favorite color combinations) and make the belt out of the same material. I will sew the front back and the sleeves up tonight. It will look like a robe but still unfinished. ***sigh*** It's a work in progress.

The reason, I started on the robe is because it is related to my Universal jacket. When I make the Universal for the robe, I will make another one for the denim jack that I bought for me at the Goodwill. It will be hot once it's all finished. And I will be the only Earth rocking a Universal jacket. Peace!

I also completed my dress form. The God was supposed to make one for me, and he started out strong. But he has been so distracted with the move, finding a home for all his stuff, fixing things in the house and looking for a job, that my dress form has been put on the back burner. Humph! Well, I finished it. Not in the way he would have (it's kind of nigg-a-rigged), but in a way so that I can finally use it. Should he decide to make it all jazzy and such, then he is welcome to. But I need it for my upcoming sewing projects. The fact that it took 3 pillows to stuff it is not lost on me. Yeesh!

Okay. That's it for now. I hope to have more and more and more and more updates for you.