Monday, August 23, 2010

September Vogue 2010


I finally got hold of the September 2010 issue of Vogue. And let me tell you this... I'm a little underwhelmed. The clothes that I saw where better in the other mags. Vogue had a lot of advertisements, but nothing truly awe inspiring in their fashion layouts. I did see a suit that I want to make, retro inspired. But I have seen this suit in various places. I didn't need Vogue for it.

There was an article about Halle Berry that explained a lot, at least to me, about why she can't keep a man. I mean if beautiful Halle Berry can't keep a man, then other ordinary-looking women should have no expectations. But she has deeper issues. Good luck Ms. Berry with the rest of your life!

I went shopping at a sewing store and came up on some new feet! One is for binding off edges and the other is for gathering/shirring. I'm a little more excited than I should be.

So I guess my 5 creations will be...
1. Blue denim wrap dress
2. Blue denim blouse with pussy bow (teehee)
3. Asymmetric skirt
4. retro inspired suit in plum suiting
5. 70's inspired camel coat
6. Leopard bustier
7. A black/printed cotton swing blouse that looks slightly maternity, but isn't, sort of

I guess that's it. 7 is a good number.

Screw you Vogue!