Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just because your Granny sewed doesn't mean you know how


Lately I have been feeling rather pussy-ish. Meaning, I have been bitching more than a little bit. Everything is hurting my feelings now a days. I watch a lot of I Didn't Know I was Pregnant, and often wonder if I'm pregnant and don't know it. I have been VERY emotional, my baby cab has all this movement going on inside, I'm tired, hungry, gaining weight and have been having a LOT of unprotected sex with the God. I have everything but 2 lines on the test and cessation of my cycle. Although my cycle has diminished significantly. I am almost 40. I would LOVE to be pregnant (today, could change tomorrow) but I would like to know. Anyhoo.... My feelings have been getting hurt and it's sewing related.

I don't like sewing for other people. Since I don't have a business, the only people who ask me to sew for them,are people I share social equality with. I hate sewing for friends. They ask to much of you. Whatever they want, they want it immediately and they bitch and moan about it while insulting me in the process.

A preacher friend of mine asked me to make him a cassock robe. Initially I balked, but then agreed. Since we are friends I only asked him to pay for the stuff, I would kick my labor in as a donation to his ministry. He wholeheartedly agreed. I told him where to get the stuff and that's the last I heard of it. Why he let it slip yesterday that he paid someone $200 to make the same robe? My feelings are hurt.

Another example....
A work friend of mine was starting a new career as a Realtor. Her work wardrobe had been rather casual, and since she wants to sell high end property she needs to fake the funk until she can afford it. She bought a cute suit at a consignment shop but it needed to be altered. She knows I do not like sewing for others but she asked me to alter it for her anyway. The day she asked me to do it was the day before she had to show her 1st property. the tears floating in her eyes convinced me to do it. I had something planned for the same evening that I had to blow off to get the job done. Oh yeah and I had to go out and find matching thread and notions. did I mention she didn't pay me anything? the next day I return it to her and she had all these changes she wanted me to make. Now mind you, I altered it to her exact specifications. Changes? turns out she didn't need it done the next day. She lied to me to get me to do it.

Yet another example...
A friend of mine had just purchased a home. I know from experience that when you purchase a home you tend to be money challenged for a minute until you get your bearings. As a house warming present, I offered to make drapes for her den. she had been telling me that she wanted them. I made the drapes in my living room. She knows this. I never get anything but compliments on them from her and others. she told me that she doesn't want homemade curtains. WTF! But guess what? 2 months later she comes to me when she realizes how much custom made drapes where gonna cost her. I said "Hell to the NO!!!!" and "Kiss my ass Bitch!"

I can squeeze this example in....
My sister bought a sewing machine. She's crafty and I can buy her interest in sewing. I have been suggesting she buy a machine for years, but it took her maid to convince her to do it. Her maid promised to teach her to sew. she didn't let that jewel out when she first told me about her acquisition. turns out the maid just wanted to use a machine to sew on and had not intention on teaching my sister to sew. Now the maid no longer is in her employ. she still has her machine, but it's missing pieces. Hmmmm.... A new machine is missing big pieces and now it cant run? She wants me to buy the machine from her. My machine works fine. She said I need a spare. She's knocking $20 dollars off the price she paid for it since it's less than 6 months old. But the acquire the pieces to complete it will cost more. No thank you.

Last Example I Promise....
One of the Cipher chicks (I refuse to call her Earth. She ain't) here in Allah's Garden who knows I sew. I sew more and more and everyday I have on something I made. She makes a loud statement in front of people that she is gonna come to the crib (uninvited) for a few hours and let me teach her how to sew. Really? this is insulting on so many levels. First of all it took me years to learn to sew. I took many classes and had many mentors. There are still things that I want to learn. The implication that you can learn to do everything that I can do in an afternoon is insulting. She made this declaration in front of an audience. So my options were to smile, nod and go along letting people think that my addiction is all light and fluffy. Or... Put her on blast. I did the former.

I really hate sewing for people. It's gotten tot the point that I hate talking about sewing to people. I don't want to doe your repairs. That's not sewing. I don't want to make costumes for your kids. This is not novelty with me. It's how I do.

Unless someone has a business, don't ask them to sew for you. And if they offer, say no!