Friday, October 29, 2010

You Know What They Say About Women With Big Feet ...

I have big feet. I hit a size 10 when i was 10. I wasn't even 5 feet then. People called me a duck. Yet another reason for me to learn to fight.

My feet are pretty much the same size. I fluctuate between 9.5 and 11, depending on how the shoe is made. I also made it up to 5'4".

I went shopping today for some 5-finger shoes. I tried a woman's 10... too tight. A woman's 11... to tight. A man's 42.... fit. Damn.

While in the store, I saw a bunch of shoes that I kind of liked. Mind you it was not a department store. This was more of an eclectic shop with Crocs and Birkenstocks. I am truly thinking about getting a pair of these ugly shoes. Y'all don't know how much my feet hurt. They hurt a lot all the time. Department store shoes have failed me. Maybe the time has come for me to accept my lot in life and begin acquiring a couple of few of these ugly beasts.

I'll keep you posted.