Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Resolutions

Peace People!

I have some resolutions for this blog…

The main one is to be more ‘bout it ‘bout it regarding posting. It’s going to get better.

I am not really all that great with pic posting. I know this. And since I’m always in elevation mode I need to get my intentions and actions in line with my philosophy.

I am going to just blog more of my work. There are things I have been working on that I just haven’t posted.

I’m going to post more “What I Wore Today”s. I want people to see that even when you have a personal philosophy of modesty, you can and SHOULD still be fly.

I have updated my profile I listed this address as my website so I gotta handle my business.

I am going to enter one of their (PR) contests.

I am going to do give aways as soon as I have a decent following.

I am going to represent better for my beloved Nation. Not in a ridiculously obvious fashion. But in a normal presentation. I don’t need to be the female poster-Earth. But I want to make knowledge born on my own level. This is what I do… 14:14!

I think that’s enough for now. I’m certain I will be adding and deleting later.

Happy Gregorian New Year