Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not much going on outside my head.....


For some reason, I have been frantically planning my spring 2011 collection. I have no idea why. I’m not done with my fall 2010 stuff yet. I’m not going to look a gift mojo in the mouth.

As it stands now, I will craft a neutral collection featuring white and beige. I like that. I have no idea where and why such strong inspiration comes from, but I’m going with it. With such a neutral wardrobe, one can pop it here and there with colorful additions. Also, I have beige and white purses and shoes. So that leaves me needing accessories like… belts and maybe jewelry. That frees me up too. I can focus on the clothes and maybe start my acquisition of rose gold.

Damn! 2011 is GOING to be my year!

I have decided on the date of March 1st to begin spring/summer sewing. Here in Atlanta, it that’s when it will start to get warm. So that gives me time for find everything I need to be completely fabulous. One of my favorite fabric stores closed down. Phoey! But to be perfectly honest, I could never depend on them anyway. They were mostly upholstery fabrics and occasional cotton. It’s good they are gone. I can’t use them as a crutch anymore….. Time to branch out and look for another one. Maybe do the online thing. Maybe not.

I have been making crowns for the God. I want him to start wearing them on a regular basis. There is no reason why he shouldn’t. And I am going to make sure he has enough to match everything he could possibly wear. There is another reason for my newfound crown creating… I want to vend them. But not in an overt Nation way. I want to make them so that Gods feel comfortable wearing them daily. That’s my underlying determined idea. We shall see. Gods here don’t have direct access to crowns. They either have to wait until Show and Prove or order them online. Atlanta Gods can now have me custom make them crowns to match any ensemble. $15 a pop! Come and get them!

What is currently going on in my sewing room? I’m working on an EASY Vogue skirt. You can make this skirt in 1 maybe 2 hour sitting. But it’s taken me 2 weeks. The holidays have been busy for this Earth who doesn’t even celebrate. Oh well. I am still planning my denim shirt. And that’s really it.

What’s going on in my closet is I am getting more and more aggressive about moving towards my seasonless wardrobe. I have a lot of isht and it needs to go. I can’t stand looking at it. And I want to get a sofa and some mirrors in there. Things have to get tidier for that to happen. I find it ironic that I used to never have enough clothes and now I have too many. What a difference a decade can make.