Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not Every Day


I have come to realize that a lot of pressure I put on myself when having to do with sewing comes from the flawed idea that I need to be sewing all the time. I don't. It's not paying any bills for me... yet.

While sharing Thanksgiving with my god sister, someone in attendance asked me if I had made my dress. I said yes. She then asked me if I made all of my own clothes. I thoughtfully replied, pretty much. And that's true. Before I move to purchase something, I seek to make it 1st. But even with that bit of truth on board, I don't see the need to be constantly sewing. I don't shop every day, consequently I don't sew every day. I don't need to.

When I read the blogs, these people seem tied to their sewing machines. They have excessive guilt if a day passes and they haven't sewn a stitch or bought a pattern or some fabric. And these folk aren't professional seamstresses. I don't sew like that. I didn't buy clothes like that. I bought what I needed when I needed it. Now I sew what I need when I need it. Seriously. The Thanksgiving dress got sewn the Wednesday before AFTER I got home from work. Apparently I do well under pressure. Because it's not like I could have run out and bought something to wear on the day if the dress didn't turn out well.

I do like to have something new to wear to the rallies each month. Simply because the 14:14 degree mentions sewing as a MGT function. That way I can show an prove in a public setting that I am living out this culture. But that's really it. That's 12 new outfits a year. Is that not enough? If I feel I need something that is when I get going. Otherwise, not so much.

So Now that the light is receding, I always focus on something new to learn in my down time. I'm thinking I'm going to only be posting projects like once a month. Since I'll only be sewing here and there. There is the skirt that I cut the pattern for last night, but that won't take long. It's only 2 pieces. There is the wrap jacket that I haven't figured out yet and there are still the denim dress that I haven't bought fabric for yet and the denim blouse. Those projects should hold me. I'm planning to wear the skirt to the December rally and the denim blouse to the January rally. Then my focus will be on spring. For some reason.... I have been contemplating my spring collection like I'm a designer. But that post will have to wait until then.

So ta ta for now.....