Thursday, March 17, 2011


Two posts today? What have y’all done to deserve this????

Just kidding.

The builds didn’t seem like they went together so I decided on 2 posts.

This coming weekend marks 2 milestones… The Asiatic New Year (Spring) and my midway point of P90x. I did not want to make clothes for spring that I would have to alter. I needn’t have worried. I haven’t lost all this glorious weight that I was expecting to lose. Everything in degrees. I am supposed to have a white ensemble to celebrate A.N.Y. I probably won’t have that. But I am assuming that there will be something new to mark this occasion. You know why? Because I’m sewing this weekend even if it kills me!

Remember my spring plans? A white and beige wardrobe that is easy to pair other garments with. I already have the bags and shoes. I suppose I could make the white suit for Monday. I have everything I need but the time. Cross your fingers on that one.

I’m excited to be this close to spring and I need it! It must be contagious because the God bought me electric fabric scissors!!! He knew that I dislike cutting the fabric out. He also had a table that he has made available to me for cutting. Normally I cut on the floor all hunched over. I have a bad back that is getting worse. Standing while cutting is the truth.

If I had the fabric, and had a clear idea of what exactly I wanted, I could make a new white dress. But I am flirting with 3 different patterns that I want in white. I wear a lot of white in the spring and summer. It is a tradition to get a new white garment to mark the equinox. Consequently I have a LOT of white dresses already. But I want something new. I could go to Hancocks tomorrow and see…. Maybe some linen…. Maybe a knit… Maybe a stretch poplin…. I just don’t know!

But I do know this…. I’m making something this weekend, damnit!